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  1. New rumors!

    i'd do lang+++++ for zednik and komisarek in a heartbeat. komisarek is going to continue to develop into a shutdown top pairing guy.
  2. Eklund: Biron could get traded to the Wings

    if draper is a no.2 center, datsyuk has a conn smythe. does buffalo need another center?
  3. Andy Delmore

    as was mentioned, the wings lack what is his exact opposite. lebda is not a very good defensive player, but i think he is probably far more coachable in that respect. regardless, Any Elmore's 17 goals and 55 assists in 65 games is pretty impressive.
  4. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    no. this is the last year of his deal. he's getting 800k, too. i can't believe that it took a 4th to get him.
  5. Wings acquire D Cory Cross from Penguins

    cross has been terrible this year. at least rivers could go out there and bang people around as a forward if necessary. i sure hope that the reason that they didn't get anyone else was because they were right up against the cap.
  6. 1/8 GDT: Detroit Red Wings Vs. Dallas Stars

    there are varying amounts of time dedicated to stuff related to post-game coverage, but it's very hard to digest their broadcasts in general. it's produced somewhere in the northwest and the anchors are totally disingenuous in their approach. they act as if they are fans but are really professional broadcasters who do one show per timezone. a few years back, while in colorado, i saw the same guy who acted like a detroit fan doing the intermission/post-game show for the avs. the radio (1270) is where it's at. too bad there's a signal coming from charlevoix on the same frequency, or you could probably pick it up.
  7. 1/8 GDT: Detroit Red Wings Vs. Dallas Stars

    pretty sad.