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  1. Sebwing

    Salary Chart

    Hi LGW, with all the talk about the salary cap problems Holland has when Franzen will be back, it would be nice if somebody would update the salary Chart section on this webside. I remember some players like Hudler, Sammy has already left... Thanks!
  2. Sebwing

    Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    Hi, i am from germany and have no local TV from Detroit in my cable. Would you please post some links from websites where they might livestream the parade. Thanks! PS. I´ve been to the JLA for the first playoff game against NSH and i am proud to have seen the Stanley Cup champs there!
  3. Sebwing

    2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Ducks

    Beware of the Ducks! Sorry, its a dynamic Pic but funny ! ;-) GO WINGS !