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  1. hardcoretom21

  2. Thanks for all the hard work and for giving us a platform to exchange ideas and posts NOT under the control of nhl.com
  3. signed

    It's hard to understand how some don't realize he easily could have gotten more from the likes of Calgary or even Buffalo... Since Stamkos signed, every FA signed from then on will have been overpaid... People would probably had complained had Helm signed the same money elsewhere We need Helm. Now with this money, management will be "forced" to give him regular minutes on a regular line.. He's consistent and we all know how rare that is
  4. So, ummm, Brad Stuart's gonna be available!
  5. gdt

    I read a lot of comments on how Mantha should be up... This is an organization known for developping young players... Larkin, and to some extent, AA, are exceptions and not the rule here... Few people might not know this but 2 playoff seasons ago when Bishop went down with an injury and Montreal swept TB, Kucherov was not only benched, but flat out scratched from the lineup..... And look at him now! I am so not comparing Kucherov to Mantha but putting him in the lineup might hinder his normal development... Let him play full minutes in the AHL playoffs rather than 5-9 mins up here...
  6. gdt

    I like what I saw from Abby a lot. Andy too btw
  7. GDT

    You know what this team can handle TB, they hung with them and minir tweaks and they can win next game!
  8. I just don't understand... The team was basically trying to get rid of Andy by putting him on waivers... Now they call him back up because they need responsible forwards in the D-zone??? Why wasn't he recalled when Miller got injured then?? I don't get that move
  9. Ain't no way you play like this and think to yourself you want in into the playoffs... Drove. 9 hrs from Mtl and paid top dollar for what....
  10. gdt

    I like what I see from Smith
  11. gdt

    Go Wings!!! I'm pretty bummed the Wings practically have to rely on other teams losing to make it in. But if they truly mean it when they say they are in playoff mode then they have to show it now
  12. GDT

    I usually wait 24 hours before posting after a game but... I still trust this team. At one point in the season they were a lot higher and have been cold since the Florida trip... If the TO game didn't do anything to wake them up this game sure will. They showed some fight, and coming this Thursday they will be looking to make up for the past performances LET'S GO WINGS
  13. 4th outdoor game for the Wings.. Yet many other teams haven't had any... Anyone else think this will quickly lose it's novelty? What if they run out of outdoor jersey designs hahahaha So many unanswered questions Will Hasek suit up for an alumni game? Will Yzerman be back?
  14. GDT

    I agree with many posters here, the Wings played very good for stretches and carried the play very well against Chicago, both games... It's hard to believe how poorly the PP has been considering it was at 23% last year and they've added Green and Richards... What'll it take to get those two going? All in all, solid effort from the team, really looking forward to them starting a win streak in the next few days. It also sucks that this team hasn't started a playoff series at home in forever
  15. Thanks a lot everyone Was just looking for some trustworthy sites to buy from (am in Mtl)