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  1. Was Mrazek playing the pass there ?
  2. Am not able to watch...ANOTHER early goal? How are they playing tonight?
  3. Couldn't watch the game, were the Wings showing energy? Combativity?
  5. Scores!!!!
  6. Awesome contribution to the discussion !
  7. I never thought I'd say this but... Is Blash really the problem? Would another coach get more out of this team? Was the 6-2 start really a fluke? i have tix to go see them against Colorado in March, and again in April for the two last games, driving from Mtl... Is it worth it? I love this team but seeing them lose like tjis isn't very good for morale !
  8. Ott is a beast. Definitely earning his ice time and salary
  9. A lot (too many :p) of people here would be complaining if the Datsyuk contract was kept... But you know what? Holland made fantastic moves. He brought in Vanek and Nielsen and apparently almost got Radulov when the markets opened. he's giving this team some good tools. He also brought an offensive genius in Green, who also happens to shoot R.. Can't believe I'd ever say this but the coach needs to be fired... 0-4 on a homestand is unacceptable
  10. Praise!!
  11. Very disheartening to see the team up 3-1 only to implode like that.. I know it's just a game but this is super frustrating
  12. Come on Wings lots of time left!!!