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  1. I think this will work
  2. I am lost here...You have the TSN feed during the commericals and intermissions? how? In todays world i am shocked this is available, i wonder if they know about these feeds, cause i would love to see PM say something so stupid(more then usual) that would get him off the air. He is so horrible, thinks he is the hockey god, that knows all and see's all. Because we all know, with out him the Pens wouldn't have won anything. 1993-94 Hartford Whalers NHL Head‡ 67 23 37 7 0 0.396 Out of Playoffs 1996-97 Baton Rouge Kingfish ECHL Head 70 31 33 0 6 0.486 Out of Playoffs ‡ Midseason replacement
  3. This poll looks like a joke,(stupid leaf fans and crosby lovers seem to be flooding this poll) kenny and lou should be leading by a wide margin. with kenny in first of coarse.
  4. Go wings go!! 5-1 Wings Now i just have to pay $18 to watch the game on PPV
  5. CBC offers the games online. although i dont know if its for us Canadian's only, but if it is, just get a proxy. I do this all the time when i go to hulu or nbc for vids cause its USA only. hope this helps
  6. TSN just confirmed that Dats is OUT tonight
  7. NBC's sound and picture are way better then CBC. But NBC treats there audience as if they have never seen hockey before, so its always a tough choice. CBC is too cheap. Couldn't even afford to put a couple games in HD, and had to be bailed out by a local business man. I hope the NHL leaves CBC and TSN takes over, all cbc has is grapes, other then that i hate all the people they have.
  8. It really makes no difference, and its kinda weird that they dont touch it. iam not too big on the superstitions myself. Although the trophy is named after gary's right hand man, so maybe i wouldn't touch it either, just to stick it to gary and his crew. Does anyone know who started this this thing?
  9. Hey, maybe its cause ive been drinking too much during all these playoff runs, but what has been the tradition for the wings and the Campbell Cup for the last 5 wins?? Touch, no touch? i cant really remember. (although i do remember trevor linden thinking that the Campbell Cup was the stanley cup and almost took off his head after the lid fell off) hope you guys have a better memory then me...
  10. ABOUT TIME!!! i always knew that hockey sticks weren't necessary
  11. Heres the link: And its coming from user proof
  12. Nucks vs Caps/Pens is what gary wants. 02 rematch is garys worst nightmare i bet.
  13. Sad news. I was actually driving by Colleen and Gordie Howe Middle School when they announced she died on the radio. Didnt even know they had named a school after the Howe's in Abbotsford BC.
  14. Great article/blog.......but found a mistake......the Toronto Maple Lafs have 11 Stanley Cup wins, not 13........i HATE it when they say they have 13......