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  1. Barnes52

    Downey and Ellis skate at Monday practice

    ...Unless the Blackhawks sign Downey first
  2. Barnes52

    Who Am I?

    Chuck Norris
  3. Barnes52

    Sopel staying as 8th defenseman?

    He needs to get used the NA style of hockey, that means he needs to play. Grand Rapids will allow him a chance to develop with all the playing time he can get. Keeping him as a 13th forward does nothing to develop his skills. Having a 13th forward with some grit that can play 5-7 minutes a game and bring some energy is needed. Grigorenko is not a bottom 6 player, he's not a grinder. If Babcock keeps him on the roster at the expense of the others you mentioned, he defeats his own message which is to work hard, know your role and play physical. Grigorenko, so far, is none of that
  4. Barnes52

    Downey or Sopel?

    personally I like Neil Clark better than any of them. He's a better skater, smarter and younger. Why shouldn't the Wings consider him? By the way, why isn't anyone ragging on why Hartigan is here? At least Downey/Clark can fight, Hartigan couldn't even break the Blue Jackets lineup.
  5. Barnes52

    Downey or Sopel?

    we're talking about 4th line minutes here guys. If Downey can play his 8-10 minutes a night, perhaps alternate with Ellis, why not? 14 forwards/7 defensmen. The 2 extra are Eliis and Downey, buh-bye Grigs
  6. Barnes52

    Camp tryout offers...

    For the inevitable shopping spreee Holland goes on every deadline. If Lilja plays like he did towards the end of last season I'm fine with him, the problem is that for 1.75 seasons he hasn't. All the guy needs to do his use his body to hit people and throw his weight around. Make opposing forwards be mindful of him like opposing D-Men are mindful of Holmstrom.
  7. Barnes52

    Camp tryout offers...

    Lindros and Petrovicky would be fine by me. On defense I wouldn't mind seeing Pratt here either. Then trade Lilja for a pick to free up some cap space.
  8. Barnes52

    Devils sign Arron Asham

    Talk about living in the past? Signing guys like Maltby when Cleary, Kopecky and Draker can do as much for less? Signing him was living in the past. How about Holland saying he has to save money to sign Draper? Talk about living in the past. Holland signs former Wings players because he's living in the past....
  9. Barnes52

    Stars sign Brad Winchester

    All I'll say is that NO ONE wanted Cleary, he had to be invited in for a try out and signed to a 2-way contract. Look at what his career has become. So the argument that he sucks because Edmonton didn't sign him is crap. Edmonton probably felt he was redundant on their team and they wanted to save some money and go after first line players. Lou is right, you take chances on people to address a need. It's a 1yr deal at league minimum so if it doesn't work out move on, no harm, no foul. You can't wait every trade deadline to address your needs, because you'll end up giving up prospects or draft picks, something this team should not continue to do. I loved the Bertuzzi deal at the deadline but we got lucky, if Bert was healthy he would've cost much more
  10. Barnes52

    Jiri Hudler

    I'd be willing to let Datsyuk and Lang go, roll with Zetterberg, Hudler and Filipula. Then depending on how Bert does, re-sign him along with Calder, perhaps trade Samuelsson for picks and more cap room, and the team gets younger, bigger and faster.
  11. Babcock has bugged Holland to get him for awhile
  12. Barnes52

    Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    He's not really a fighter, but he's gritty enough to get in the traffic areas. He's not a wallflower, he'll throw his weight around, but he's a bit small. I like this deal for a few reasons, one because the Wings will acquire at least one more forward with size, and two because he's young and a ufa, so if things don't work out, you can say goodbye and not lose anything. Calder is also a good guy, I've been out drinking with him a few times, he's a solid dude. Not that that is any prediction of success. Let me just say again that he was great in Chicago last year, so much so that there's no way this trade gets done last summer. Stay tuned though, Holland's not done I think that's MIke Richards
  13. Barnes52

    Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    Excellent trade, Calder is a gritty guy who can put the puck in the net. Last year in Chicago he was coming into form, if he returns to that type of player, he'll be a stud for years. Oh yeah, and he's young also. This move is all upside.
  14. Barnes52

    To trade, or not to trade...

    Since Detroit is a one line team and winning because of the hot hand of Zetterberg, they need to make trades badly. They need to build up a second line, because if it wasn't for Zetterberg this team would have 3 or 4 more losses since the All Star break, Zetterberg is on a roll, it won't last, then what?
  15. Barnes52

    To trade, or not to trade...

    When is the President's Trophy parade? Big deal, this team has had ample opportunities to get more playoff ready, they could've made bigger pushes for guys like Nolan and Guerin in the offseason, but we sign Greg Johnson instead. This team has ONE LINE, Lang is paired with wingers who are essentially fourth liners, and this team has no grit. Funny that the guys that are now commanding a premium as "playoff rentals" the Wings could've signed as ufa's in the off season. We lose leaders like Yzerman, scorers like Shanahan and replace them with Jason Williams and Samuelsson and people wonder why Holland needs to make some moves....