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  1. Best offensive minded team ?

    thanks for your comments. I choice Caps...
  2. What Five Current NHL Players Do You Like the Most?

    1. Ovechkin 2. Ott 3. Moulson 4. Richards 5. Savard
  3. Best offensive minded team ?

    Hi Fans, Now that the Wings are more grinded than never, i'm wondering wich team is the most offensive minded. Not the best in the stats column but the team that wants to win 6-5 and not 1-0. Any idea ? Sharks, Sabres, Capitals, Islanders ? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Player of the Decade...

    Totally right. Canadiens have some problems with european players ;-) Remember when Nick takes the Cup as the first european captain... or when they compare Ovechkin and Crosby... Don Cherry is calling...
  5. NHL Premiere

    I'll be there ! Takeoff from Brussels friday morning. I plan to go at the Globe Arena around 6pm. Meeting point ?
  6. Just bought my tickets to '09 opener in Sweden!

    I've got my ticket for friday ! I'm soo excited ! can't wait. I booked the plane too. I'm coming from Brussels, Belgium. Need to book a hotel. it's gonna be my first red wings game.