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    Hockey,pro wrestling,horror movies,guitar playing, and black metal/death metal music

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  1. Cujosmydawg


  2. Cujosmydawg

    Would you wear an Avalanche jersey?

    NO! Under no circumstances. Not that I've never supported another team by wearing a different jersey, as like some other people on this thread have said I like to collect other NHL jerseys of teams I like. It sucks to be me as I live in the St. Louis area. So, I have wore other jerseys in the past just to piss off the local fans when I've been to different games. On my list of no no's besides the Crapalanche would be Montreal, St. Louis, Boston{I hate any team from there}and Anahymen. {mispelled on purpose}
  3. Cujosmydawg

    12/6 GDT: Red Wings 5, Blackhawks 4 (SO)

    Holy crap the sky is falling!!! Bring up Howard! Relax everybody we could be watching New Jersey and be bored sh**less.
  4. Cujosmydawg

    Montreal or Toronto

    DAMN I HATE MONTREAL!!!!! Everything from their ugly jerseys to the french language. Patrick Roy played there. Aesbicher plays there now. So, there's the crapalanch factor as well. Not to mention, they are the only OR6 team we have a losing record against. I hope the leafs break their hearts. Go Leafs Go!!! :starwars:
  5. Cujosmydawg

    T.O. = Done

    Kudos to the arbitrator on this ruling. No one man is bigger than the TEAM he plays for. While his antics may be entertaining it's not pro wrestling.
  6. Cujosmydawg

    Avalance and Redwings

    I'm with you. The natural passion will always be there. The absolute hatred I'm not so sure about.