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  1. Dom Bashers Welcome!

    Hello Boys and Girls of Hockeytown: To say that Dom looked bad is being obvious. Actually he looked awful, and really hasn;t been the Dom we have known and loved. For those who are saying that age is a factor, well, your right. It is. You can look back and talk about the older goalies of yesteryear, Terry Sawchuk for one, and use the excuse that they played in their 40's. Johnny Bower of the Leafs did. But remember, the sport is a lot tougher and faster than it was back then. A 40 year old goaltender has no chance for the up-and-coming youth of todays NHL. Quite franlky, I'm pleasantly surprised at the play of Chris Osgood. He has done well this year. Add to that the fact that the Wings have 5 losses this year, 4 at the hands of the Blackhawks. Speaking of which, why after 22 games have the Wings played the 4 times already? Where is the schedule guy getting his weed from? Anyway, look gang..Dom is too old and the Wings need Chris Osgood to get in there and be at his best so the Wings can, too. Just a thought. Thanks Everygody. Jay Rock OUT!
  2. Camp tryout offers...

    Hi boys and girls: For whatever reason, I wasn't allowed to start a new topic on this but I just got this from a close friend of mine in Toronto. Check it out! http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp...805_001424_5896
  3. It's time for a change

    Hey: Sorry RED. But I think the Montreal Canadiens have more Stanley Cups than the Wings. I'm about 90% sure of that. So I don't think the Wings are more identified with the Cup. Besides, if the Wings used the Cup as a logo, couldn't everybody? I mean it's very generic and it's about hockey's Holy Grail, not meant for any specific team. Try again, pal. I'm gone!
  4. It's time for a change

    Hello boys and girls of Hockeydom: Change the Wings jersey? First of all, let me applaud all those who have disagreed with that. For the right reasons, I might add. I'll never forget the year that the Dallas Stars unveiled their third jersey. Being a Texan, it even made ME laugh. A steer head? What a joke! But here's the thing-- if they would have unveiled it before they let Derian Hatcher go, from the sales of the jersey, they would have had the money to keep him. That's how much money they made off of it. But it has been a dismal failure since then. I walked into a sports store the other day, and they had one on their wall--for $35. I didn't buy it. Plus, I really can't remember when the last time was when they wore the damn thing. they have made a tradition out of the original jerseys, as they should. For all those who have made tradition as the reason for not changing, that is absolutely the best reason for NOT changing. Personally, I wasn't in favor of changing the rules of the game much less the tradition. The sport of hockey, like baseball, has been built on tradition. Let me ask you: why do you think the Leafs or Canadiens don't have a third jersey? The only change the Leafs made is the "TLM" on the shoulders. Otherwise, that's it. Would you change those? Those teams have been around longer than the Wings. Do you dare say, "Hey Canada, let's change those jerseys." I don't think so. As mentioned by previous posters, would you guys change the Olde English "D"? Nope! Tradition counts. Accordingly, with the exception of the Lions, the Red Wings and the Tigers have the only logos that really and truly represent Detroit. Let's leave well enough alone. Thanks guys. Jay Rock OUT!