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  1. Boston or Montreal. Would love to see an Original Six win it.
  2. GO WINGS!
  3. i miss him.
  4. safe to assume they're just resting. at least i hope so. wonder if we'll see that dats-hank-mule line come game time? would make for a beast line.
  5. if we don't steamroll them like we did to colorado in 2002, i will be disappointed.
  6. looks like they've given up on trying to keep hossa. guess it was a pipe dream that we'd keep him anyways.
  7. another part i liked was the part where Phaneuf didn't get noticed/asked for autographs.
  8. the only lopsided score i see is the 5-0 one. the rest are pretty close besides the 7-4 really.
  9. if you can call what we're doing now "fighting", haha.
  10. hopefully babcock does leave bert on the first line but knowing him, he'll keep holmstrom there.
  11. i know the red wings didn't play that great but the officiating didn't help much either... that was a goal for sure. they gave weight his and cleary should've had his. on a side note, i'm very, VERY impressed with how bert has been playing. with all these chances he's been getting, one has to go in eventually. couple of great teams coming up so let's hope the red wings finally wake up. hopefully babcock realizes having homer and bert on the same line is dumb and moves bert to the right side.
  12. is it on youtube yet?
  13. it wasn't hasek's fault we lost the game. the team as a whole has been playing like lang.