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  1. Another nail for my heart.
  2. As it stands now, I'm really hoping the Coyotes make it to the finals. If not that, then Kings and Caps. I'm so happy the Pens, Bruins, Sharks and Hawks are out. Really wish the Sens and Panthers would have won last night. Hope a new team wins the Cup this year, now that the Wings are out. Go southern and western teams!
  3. That was sweet!
  4. Let's Go Yotes!
  5. Thank you 22.
  6. Come on Wings! Let's get some goals this period to shut Brian Engblom's yapper.
  7. Guess it's a camera issue. It probably can't maintain its white balance setting, and It's pissing me off.
  8. Our PP looks anemic.
  9. Agree. I still want Weber Kronwalled. Go Wings!
  10. They're not calling penalties against Nashville now.
  11. Kronwall Weber!
  12. I'm sorry but that's another BS call.
  13. Really? You think they're for the Preds? I'm not getting that.
  14. This whole situation make me think of a Cee Lo Green in regards to the NHL and its refs. Freakin just a $2,500 fine .... F You!
  15. 6 penalties on Detroit 3 on Nashville.