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  1. Still hope in Fischer!

    When I first saw this thread title, I kind of rolled my eyes and thought "here we go again." But then I read the article. I wonderhow many people who posted "give it up already" type messages to the thread starter actually read what the article said. What I took away from the article was that Fischer's condition has apparently improved and his doctors agree because he no longer has to wear the external defibrillator vest that he'd worn ever since his collapse. That's excellent news. Fischer believes he has figured out the cause of his problems and has it under control, so I think it's only natural that his thoughts would turn to resuming his career. Whether his doctors agree with him about the cause may be another matter. But that is between him and his doctors. Also, I found it interesting to read that Fischer and Holland had discussed the possibility of Jiri returning to the ice at the beginning of this season. Now, it's not possible to know what the tone of those conversations really was (how receptive Holland was to the idea) from one or two sentences in a newspaper article. But there were talks. So it looks like Fischer's return at some point may actually be a possibility. And there's no need to mock anyone who thinks there is a small chance that we may see Fischer on the ice again in a year or two.
  2. Nhl Center ice online good news..

    I had the same problems a lot of people are having. Black screen then the British guy saying the URL wasn't valid. I was using Firefox (which the system requirements say will work). Then I tried IE and it works perfectly. Go figure. Hopefully that's the same issue some of the others of you are having.
  3. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

  4. Z: I want to spend my career in Detroit

    Who wouldn't love to hear their future franchise player say something like that? Very cool.
  5. TSN videos not working.

    I can only get their videos to work with Internet Explorer. I usually use Firefox and sometimes use Netscape but neither of those will work. I hate having to open IE to see their videos, but I've found it's the only way.
  6. Schneider: OUT with Broken Wrist

    There was talk of Lewis putting Maltby on defense a couple years ago when the D had a whole slew of injuries. He practiced back there for a day or two but they didn't end up trying it in a game. The thinking was he was used to going back to help the D all the time anyway with the left wing lock and he was far and away the best at skating backwards of all the forwards. I seriously doubt Babcock will go that route unless we lose yet another guy (god forbid!). But if he did put a forward back I think Maltby would be the most logical choice due to his skating and his history playing the left side all the years the Wings played the left wing lock. Draper may be the better defensive forward, but Malts is very good in his own right. And Draper's so dominant at center it would do more harm than good to move him.
  7. Out of Market for tomorrows game? Too bad...

    Okay, that sounds like they will boot the game over to either Versus or more likely MSNBC or CNBC, which is what I anticipated when talk of the conflict first arose since showed Olympic hockey games on those channels to accomodate everything. I think that's an acceptable solution.
  8. Out of Market for tomorrows game? Too bad...

    As opposed to not getting to see the end of the game at all...
  9. Out of Market for tomorrows game? Too bad...

    That's no surprise at all. I figured as much. But I agree that it's unacceptable for the NHL to have allowed this situation to occur. What the hell is Versus showing Saturday afternoon? Let's see: Fusion TV, Racer TV, Motorsport Hour, Holy @#%*!, and Shark Hunters. I know not everyone gets Versus and that NBC has a contract to get matinee games on the weekends in the playoffs. But you can't tell me these aren't extenuating circumstances that couldn't be negotiated around and an alternative found. I personally feel showing the entire game to everyone in the nation who gets Versus is a much better alternative than showing part of the game on NBC. And this situation was completely foreseeable. For the NHL to have sat around and apparently done absolutely nothing to prevent it (how about a 1:00 start or even a 12:30 start?) is ridiculous. As for those of you who hate the Kentucky Derby, I can understand where you are coming from. But you have to understand, this race has a longer history in sports than even the Stanley Cup. It is the more prominent event whether you love or hate horseracing and/or hockey. That's simply the fact. I'm not upset with NBC at all about this. It is absolutely what I expected to have happen (though I did somewhat anticipate that maybe NBC could bump the hockey game over to MSNBC or CNBC where they broadcasted some hockey games during the Olympics, then the only hockey fans who would be out of luck would be those without cable). But that the NHL is so shortsighted as to not do everything in their power to prevent this is completely unacceptable. And exactly what I've come to expect from Gary Bettman's NHL.
  10. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Well I certainly can and I do. Hasek made one terrible, horrible play in Game Two. I won't deny that. But that is a far cry from playing poorly in the series. Hasek's goaltending has nothing to do with the Wings being behind in the series. The fact is that every team that scored less goals per game on average than the Wings has been eliminated from the playoffs. The Wings are scoring the least number of goals per game of any team left in the playoffs. Their goalie has the best GAA of any goalie left in the playoffs and they can't score enough to win. Those are the facts, plain and simple.
  11. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    If the team can't win with a goalie with the 3rd best GAA in the playoffs (1.71GAA, only 0.01 behind Luongo who is 2nd) they aren't going to win no matter what. That is a better GAA than anyone posted in the regular season, including Hasek himself (2.05GAA, 2nd only to Backstrom who played only 41 games). Though his save percentage may be the lowest out of the playoff goalies remaining (.918), it is still better than it was in the regular season (.913) and only .001 behind Martin Brodeur. Hasek is providing plenty enough goaltending for the Wings to win. If the rest of the team isn't showing up, there's really nothing he can do about that.
  12. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Not specifically, but that is pretty much always the way, right? People want to ***** and moan when his flopping doesn't work and a goal goes in but they never bother to think about all the times where it saves a goal that would have went in otherwise. You can't just say "if Hasek were a butterfly style goaltender he would have saved that and the Sharks would have scored one less goal." What about the other saves he possibly wouldn't have made if he were a strict butterfly style goaltender? These threads are so ridiculous but I called it when that goal went in last night that there would be one when I came to LGW today. I turned and said to my mother "and now someone is going to ***** about Hasek." Give me a break, people. Hasek played fantastic last night. He's the only reason it was only a one goal game. If you can't see that, I don't know what else to say to you. Dom held the Wings in there when the rest of the team was falling to pieces around him. If it hadn't been for Hasek's play in the first three games of this series, the Sharks would have embarrassed the Wings terribly and would have a 3-0 strangehold on the series.
  13. NHL Playoff Schedule

    Does the same thing hold true as last year, that in the first two rounds Versus will be blocked out in the Detroit area when FSN shows a game?
  14. Unusual amount of Playoff tickets still remain

    I'm not surprised at all about the tickets that are still available. It's a combination of the team's early exits in the last three playoffs, the ticket prices, and the Red Wings' policy for selling playoff tickets to season ticket holders. For season ticket holders to buy their "reserved" playoff tickets they have to buy all eight games of the first two rounds. And then if all those games don't get played, the Wings do not refund the money. They credit it towards next season's tickets. To buy all potential 16 games of playoff tickets for a season ticket holder costs nearly 75% of their regular season ticket purchase. That's insane. I don't care how exciting playoff hockey is. That's insane. Factor in that the Red Wings haven't been that exciting in the playoffs as of late and I don't blame people for their reluctance to shell out that kind of money. And while this may be good for the fans who haven't been able to get tickets before because the season ticket holders bought them up before they were even available to the general public, I doubt too many people are chomping at the bit to pay almost $70 for a standing room ticket to just the first round. Factor in parking and concessions and you're looking at $175+ for two people to go to a first round game together. That's just not feasible for most people, especially with how cautious a lot of people are being (and rightly so) with the Michigan economy in the state that it is. The tickets will likely sell, eventually. But this may be the beginning of a wake up call for the Ilitch. Ticket prices are out of control and his team isn't performing. If they don't make it out of the second round again this year, the situation will be even worse for sales next year.
  15. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    Yzerman -- white CCM replica Draper -- red RBK authentic (no "A")