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  1. WingPackFan

    Lidstroms Defensiv Partners

    Glad you caught that. I always think in the back of my mind if Scotty were still here Erickson would be paired with Nick, and be improving each game instead of...
  2. WingPackFan

    Thank you Matt

    I don't post often, but I am never on the internet when I don't at least take a peak at this site. You do a great job, keep up the good work!
  3. WingPackFan

    UP Radio

    Heading to St. Ignace for a long weekend...
  4. WingPackFan

    UP Radio

    Unfortunately we'll be travelling tonight, making a trip west to east across US 2, starting around Menominee. Can anybody help us out with a radio station(s) that will be carrying the game in those areas? I remember once before having to travel during a finals game, and the results were very good, it was a Russina scoring fest!
  5. WingPackFan

    Steve Yzerman

    Only after we hoist the cup, at home, after game five, we will hear what Datysuk's real injury is all about. I'm sure it is much more severe than anyone is letting on... this is playoff hockey, thus the norm! I know my 21 something healthy son can run five miles without issue, but can't skate more than 15 minutes, just can't turn due to a bum ankle. He only visible limps after he gets off the ice and is in an extreme amount of pain. So all we can do is continue to speculate...
  6. WingPackFan

    146 posts for a Carolina win tonight!

    I really want the Canes to pull one out... LETS GO CANES!!!!
  7. WingPackFan

    The onion tackels new NHL rules

    It's The Onion! Always something entertaining. Especially if you need a little "pick-me-up" in your day.
  8. WingPackFan

    How Much Does Lidstrom Have Left

    While agree he has certainly lost a step, sometimes leaving him out of postion, he is still one of the best in the entire league. I think barring injury he has a couple more good years. We really need to pair him with the up and coming youngers; he has been a great mentor.
  9. WingPackFan

    Why the heck are the "C" and the "A"s on the wrong

    I love he straight blades, bring 'em back!
  10. WingPackFan

    Favorite Hockey Equipment Brands

    I have not had much luck with CCM pants or gloves. Playing at a fairly competitive Midget AAA level, I go through a pair a year. I love the RBK 5K stick, having a lot of luck with it not breaking; but wood sticks, definately the Easton Classic! I was just introduced to a brand I haven't seen mentioned yet. The Sande brand pants and gloves fit and feel awesome and their stick has a great shot. Jury is still out on the durability, but at this point, I'm pretty much sold.
  11. WingPackFan

    Franzen's Cheap Shot...

    YES! That's exactly what I'd say if I could respond face-to-face.
  12. WingPackFan

    Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I grew up in Upper Michigan, we didn't really see the Wings on TV, but I remember sometime in the 80s they had either their conditioning camp or some exhibition games in Soo, MI that we got to see in person. I have followed them all my life. Living in Wisconsin the past 19 years, my boys have grown up with nothing but the Wings!
  13. WingPackFan

    Gordie Howe Autograph Signing This Weekend

    I took my boys when they were like eight and ten to a book signing at the National Junior Championship. He was awsome, he chatted with the boys, one at a time. Then told them to turn around so mom could get a picture, then he kicked them both in the ass. I have some priceless pictures. The book I did buy and has been in a safe all these years.