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  1. You just described Luc Robitaille
  2. Never attended a game there, but Olympia just for its history. Doug Gilmour vs. Jeremy Roenick
  3. Beezer. Phil Housley vs. Brian Leetch
  4. I agree that if his only motivation is to play with the best (which could easliy be argued that that should be the motivation you need), then the NHL is the way to go. I don't think its that simple though. The language issue is just one of many factors that would weigh into a decision like this - I'm not saying that is a primary reason to go. The kid is 21 and is being offered stupid amounts of money to be back in the comforts of home with friend, family, etc. The level of talent is still very good and I wouldn't blame him one bit if he goes. With that said I hope he does not. Its a pretty nice problem that he has - be an elite player in the best league in the world, or be the elite player and live like a king in his homeland.
  5. Easier said than done. Imagine the reverse scenario. Lets say that Russia has the best hockey players in the world, but you're from the US, you speak English, and a US team just offered you a TON of money to come home and play. No right or wrong answer, but what would you do?
  6. Bring on the playoffs! I do not like the decision to start Dom over Osgood. Dom has looked very shaky all year and in last years playoffs. Both have solid playoff experience - my preference would be Ozzie. At any rate, Wings in five.
  7. So was Zetterberg
  8. Jimmy Waite and Jesse Wallin are GREAT calls. I remember thinking I was going to cash in on their rookie cards. I guess they can go in the trash with all those Anders Eriksson cards....
  9. Joe Juneau
  10. In the six years I've lived in Boston I've never seen a storm cripple the city as this storm did. I'm actually surprised that many fans showed up to the game. The city streets and highways were parking lots. It took several of my friends 7 plus hours to get home from work from what would normally be a 30-40 minute commute. The attendance had everything to do with the storm and nothing to do with the fans.
  11. Big bad Vlad. Man that guy was a wrecking ball. Fish a close second.
  12. Stayin' active.