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  1. 2/8 GDT: @ St. Louis Blues, 8:00pm EST

    Shoulda picked a game at the Joe? That would be close to a lock- Tonight: Not so much. Please pay attention to the malicious interaction between these two elements; Backup Goalie Banged-Up Defense I'm not guaranteeing a win- but these are two sets of injuries the blues are very familiar with over the past 5-6 years.
  2. 2/8 GDT: @ St. Louis Blues, 8:00pm EST

    The pillar of maturity and factual comparison. We have plenty of "flying tire" type nicknames... I think the Fish/Jax debate is well over at this point. I'm looking forward to another great game.
  3. 2/8 GDT: @ St. Louis Blues, 8:00pm EST

    That goes back to everyone here saying Fish was a better player than Jackman.
  4. TSN: Red Wings interested in Bertuzzi

    The wings need another cheap shotting coward who won't be accountable?
  5. 2/8 GDT: @ St. Louis Blues, 8:00pm EST

    What is the overall opinion and performance on Mac in net?
  6. 2/8 GDT: @ St. Louis Blues, 8:00pm EST

    I think we're feeling a little relief from the other week. It should definitely be another good game. I believe the key to winning against the wings right now is taking the physical play to you. If we can come out flying and hit some bodies we may have a good chance. Last game @STL had about 2000 Wing-Nutz in the house and was an ineffective but noticable irritant.