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  1. It matters because Miller is soft and Ott is not.
  2. AA in and Ott out per nhl.com.
  3. Lindros is one of my all time favorite players. The complete package.
  4. Signed

    Finally someone that will make the team more difficult to play against.
  5. gdt

    Pull Mrazek before we go down.
  6. He said that he's been fortunate to play with one of the best players in the world (Datsyuk) for his entire career, and then he said that Datsyuk know this is swedish television, so he will say the "right things" and what they want to hear (laughs). Then the reporter ask about his role in the success of Datsyuk to which he replys "not much at all to be honest, he would have won those awards without me" (laughs again).
  7. I can dream, can't I?
  8. I wish we could have gotten Jones.
  9. Being Russian?
  10. Terrible last period by team Sweden.
  11. And Donato.
  12. Smith showed some confidence out there, had a good game. I like how these defensive pairings are shaping up.
  13. GDT

    Nice to see Smith stand up for himself.
  14. You trade Ericsson and keep Smith in the lineup.
  15. gdt

    Pulkkinen and Smith in, Jurco and Kindl out according to Khan.