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  1. DRW Dominance

  2. wow....the way he took it off his skate, skills are unreal on a side note....i love how excited russian coaches get. haha
  3. i was wondering what the hell that goalie was doing....
  4. Signed

    this signing is funny as s***. Holland has lost his mind. waaaaaaaaay too much $ for Luke
  5. i agree that it shouldn't be a penalty, however if this becomes common place i could see it being called just cuz they call slashing penalties all the time now when a player (to us anyway) isn't holding his stick tight enough.
  6. signed

    i know this isn't huge news to us fans....something was just put out with a team of the worst contracts in the league howard ericcson helm all on it....i didn't realize how long ericcson's contract actually was
  7. signed

    the more and more i think about line combos, the more and more i hate the price of this deal. there is really nowhere for helm to play
  8. the 2nd year of the Coreau deal is a 1 way
  9. i don't mind helm at all.....i'm just really ready for some change
  10. i've heard subtle rumours about nugent hopkins and the wings.....i have no clue what it would take to get him or if we have nearly enough assets to get it done
  11. bahahahahaha.....if anyone does that?????? crazy but not unseen for a whopping 67 goals over the last 3 years
  12. i'm stunned that this is the final. i still really hate thornton, even more than cindy. and being from the toronto area it would be funny as hell to see kessel win the cup after being pushed outta here the way he was. however i hate letang, really like brent burns. i'm so torn on who to root for
  13. i put in an offer
  14. me too....although mostly just the yzerman factor for me.
  15. since nash beat ana I now have no idea what to expect in this series