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  1. I don't love Crosby but that slash happens 100 times every game.....it just happens that he got him on the finger and cut it off......
  2. I concur with this! especially because i'll be at the game against the Leafs.... IF we were amazing at losing we'd be oh so close to 29th....Arizona is on a bit of a tear lately. By their standards anyway.
  3. I don't dislike sheahan or anything and technically this counts as a post towards the 150. Haha....i want to see a goalless season. That would be almost impossible for someone who plays his position and how much he plays.
  4. hahaha have the same wish I do!
  5. Wow. this team is bad and poorly coached
  6. Competitive game, loss in regulation = perfection
  7. Gotta get something good from this poor season
  8. Very bad 1st period. I'm happy about that
  9. i'll discuss hockey with ya this summer when I'm in Bay Roberts
  10. I'm fairly confident we're going to draft 3rd anyway. Wings are not showing us much to prove otherwise. Bah, I totally forgot about the lottery. Haha....depending on where we actually end up would determine the trading scenario I guess.
  11. Drew....I don't dislike you or anything...but you were a fourth liner on one of the worst teams in the league....I don't foresee teams jumping to trade for you
  12. Disgusting by AA, kronwall and eventually mrazek
  13. I'm clearly in the minority here.....sometimes a shot just is better than the goalie. top corner slap shot from point blank from a right handed dman over the glove....good shot if you wanna ***** about the 2nd goal....definitely.... the first goal....maybe (bit of bad luck on that one but still not good) I also didn't think that should have been a penalty on the Z slash....he barely even touched his stick....certainly wasn't a two hander...those sticks are garbage and break as soon as they have a knick in them.
  14. this is absolutely priceless......I almost spit out my coffee on the screen. hahahahaha
  15. real speed to me he had control....slo mo not so much