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  1. me no likey the silver
  2. I'm a huge mrazek supporter but tonight was not good enough. 3rd goal I didn't think he battled enough to find the puck, regardless of a deflection from 40 feet away. 4th goal is overplayed. Couple of bad bounces but 4 goals is 4 goals.
  3. Way to go tater
  4. That was a heck of a shot This team is listless, boring, just not fun to watch
  5. came out wrong.....more like the team sucks balls and can't win unless mrazek steals the game.....hence mrazek's fault, lol sheahan's probably about to get a 12 year contract extension like the rest of them
  6. Mrazek is the problem with this team. If he isn't absolutely stealing a game we aren't going to win.
  7. I really really wish I didn't pay for centre ice this year....at this rate next year will be the first year in a long long time I won't get it
  8. DRW Dominance

  9. wow....the way he took it off his skate, skills are unreal on a side note....i love how excited russian coaches get. haha
  10. i was wondering what the hell that goalie was doing....
  11. Signed

    this signing is funny as s***. Holland has lost his mind. waaaaaaaaay too much $ for Luke
  12. i agree that it shouldn't be a penalty, however if this becomes common place i could see it being called just cuz they call slashing penalties all the time now when a player (to us anyway) isn't holding his stick tight enough.
  13. signed

    i know this isn't huge news to us fans....something was just put out with a team of the worst contracts in the league howard ericcson helm all on it....i didn't realize how long ericcson's contract actually was
  14. signed

    the more and more i think about line combos, the more and more i hate the price of this deal. there is really nowhere for helm to play
  15. the 2nd year of the Coreau deal is a 1 way