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  1. After minny tied it at 2, it made this first win that much better...last year the collapse would have continued...different story tonight, we’ll see for the rest of the season....
  2. Anyone know the announced attendance?
  3. Jeff Blashill

    would vegas take him?? I would think not but who knows.
  4. Odds on re-signing Miller

    2-6 weeks.....tough to tell how bad it is with that timeline
  5. so I was at this game with the family....2nd time at the joe, 1st in probably 8 years however. I am accustomed to the ACC now.....man, the joe is certainly old and I do think it's time for LCA. the amazing thing about jla is how good even the highest seats are. I sat right at the top once at the ACC and it was like watching ants play. not so at the joe sitting 16 rows up in the 2nd deck. the atmosphere at the game was excellent, overall it was fun and exciting although a win would've been nice for this one.
  6. 03/30 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Tampa Bay Lightning : 7:30 PM ET

    i like seeing him stand up for himself....but that is exactly why players of his ilk shouldn't fight
  7. Are we a playoff team with Datsyuk?

  8. 03/28 GDT : at Carolina Hurricanes 4, Red Wings 1

    You could see after AA scored that goal last night that he was sore. He was wincing. Hope he's back for Saturday cause I wanna see him live
  9. Dirtey Crosby

    I don't love Crosby but that slash happens 100 times every game.....it just happens that he got him on the finger and cut it off......
  10. Can we NOT suck at tanking?

    I concur with this! especially because i'll be at the game against the Leafs.... IF we were amazing at losing we'd be oh so close to 29th....Arizona is on a bit of a tear lately. By their standards anyway.
  11. 150 posts for a Sheahan goal

    I don't dislike sheahan or anything and technically this counts as a post towards the 150. Haha....i want to see a goalless season. That would be almost impossible for someone who plays his position and how much he plays.
  12. Can we NOT suck at tanking?

    hahaha have the same wish I do!
  13. 03/08 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins : 8:00 PM ET

    Wow. this team is bad and poorly coached
  14. 03/04 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Edmonton Oilers : 10:00 PM ET

    Competitive game, loss in regulation = perfection
  15. 03/03 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames : 9:00 PM ET

    Gotta get something good from this poor season