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  1. Interesting about the standings

    even with the shootout, the top team in the league will end up with either 52 or 53 wins WE GOT 62 in 95/96!!! Bring back Fedorov
  2. yeah but we all know that Fedorov, in the playoffs, can make all the difference between a 1st round elimination and a Stanley Cup
  3. mmm yeah, but let's see what happens in this year's playoffs first
  4. Fedorov contract expires at the end of next season, and the Jackets won't bring him back. So if we do trade for Fedorov, the Jackets will ask for a 4/5th rounder, or future considerations, and the cap hit will be minimal. Less than $1M actually.
  5. If the Jackets won't make the playoffs next year, and we know they won't, do you think the Wings will trade for Fedorov at the deadline? The Jackets will be giving him up for nothing more than future considerations. Objective opinions please.