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  1. TheGoonSquad0208

  2. Report: Ilitch Hires Tom Wilson

    they made him what he was at the Det Pistons, CEO and President
  3. streams?

    I found that this site is very good for all sports especially hockey, it even has KHL games
  4. Hossa to be re-signed after postseason

    Hossa said that he wants to stay here though Feburary, I believe that for this to work, maybe Draper, Maltby could be gone. Starters next year could be Helm, Sammy Lenio and others that have come up this season for this this happen
  5. Hossa to be re-signed after postseason

    They added you will not hear it until after the finals
  6. Hossa to be re-signed after postseason

    I was listening to 97.1 FM The Ticket and they said that Red Wings are going to resign Hossa for 7 years after the finals are complete.
  7. New HNIC Theme

    Too bad they can't buy the rights to the ESPN song, since ESPN will likely never use it again lol.
  8. Mats Sundin I came across this looking up news on sundin on google, take it for what its worth though
  9. Want to see the Stanley Cup Tuesday night?

    My parents drove by the bar and said you couldn't get a parking spot if you tried its packed and across the street was packed there as well.
  10. Want to see the Stanley Cup Tuesday night?

    Its 2 minutes from my house lol, I hoping its true, no restrictions I eat there sometimes w/ my gf, the food is so so.
  11. McCarty offered contract,91823
  12. Avery to Dallas

    This is seeming to look like what brought the NHL into a lockout, outrageous salaries thrown out to players like Avery.
  13. Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    I wonder if this is a one yr thing or could we keep him and Z for another yr or more that be awesome Dats Hossa and Z for mulipe yrs or more
  14. Wings Offer Mats Sundin 1yr $7/Mill Deal

    I think Bertuzzi is probably the most likely to be come here out of the 3.
  15. $20M for Sundin?

    I read that he was offered a 1 yr 7 million contract by Ken Holland, Red Wings from what I read seem more interested in getting Bertuzzi back here with Kenny saying that he did quite well when he was with us and was pleased with his time here.