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  1. 4 year deal for Abs...around $1.7M per season. Not too shabby. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=641400&navid=DL|DET|home Read story for more...
  2. Right and if you follow the link provided in that tweet (http://t.co/DQgpzCPh), the heading of the article does say "Unconfirmed Report"
  3. Mega Dislike
  4. Yannick
  5. source: bottom of page http://hockeytraderu...s-chance-semin/ I thought the Pens are interested in Semin too. Well if it's between us and the Devils, I'd say we have a pretty good chance of landing him.
  6. According to TSN Bob McKenzie: disciplinary hearing for Aaron Rome on Tuesday morning for hit on Horton
  7. Does anyone have the video of the Cleary - Hudler hit?
  8. maybe the poll should be asking if the Wings are going to win 1 game in this series
  9. game tied and it's headed to OT
  10. where can I stream this game?
  11. can someone post the feed for this game? thanks!
  12. thanks!
  13. anyone got the feed for this game?
  14. the atdhe.net stream doesn't work for me anymore, does anyone have a working stream?
  15. anyone have the video of the Pav fight?