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  2. wingsfan75

    Kindl on the block

    I believe Mr. Brady was the original play-by-play guy for the Saginaw Spirit.
  3. wingsfan75

    Your favourite Red Wings misfit of all time

    If you mean a pesty misfit. I like Sean Avery.
  4. wingsfan75

    Brendan Shanahan appreciation thread

    He surely was the difference maker when he came aboard. And for that, I named my first-born after him.
  5. wingsfan75

    1/21: Red Wings 4 at Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

    Looks like Coli's gonna be out for a while.
  6. wingsfan75

    1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    Well... If that's any indication of how the season is going to go, I might just have to go back to the boycott idea. That was sick.
  7. wingsfan75

    1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    Stupid question. Where the hell is Darren Helm? Not ready to go yet?
  8. wingsfan75

    1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    Looking outmatched so far. They need to step up the physical play.
  9. My brother said something about today being the deadline for the game to go on. Myabe he was mistaken but I agree with Travis that I want all of my money back (GLI included). I'm so pissed because I tried like hell to go to Chicago when it was there and couldn't swing it. I finally get the right timing and buy tickets and this is what comes of it.
  10. wingsfan75

    3/9 GDT : Kings 3 at Red Wings 4

    Geez. They sure picked a nice time to start the injury parade. It just sucks that the only game I'm getting to this year so far happens to be in the middle of it. At least I get to see how the young guys play.
  11. Okay, I almost bought it.
  12. wingsfan75

    Wings need a change of jersey

    Yeah, I agree the Wings jerseys are just old and horrible. ;)
  13. wingsfan75

    The "Is Rafalski Overpaid" Poll

    Raffi was brought in to do one thing. Keep us a contender for the Stanley Cup by shoring up the defense. He did that in the first year he played with us. Arguably, without him in 2008 we don't make it all the way. Do you want to trade in that Stanley Cup for a couple more less competitve years? I don't.
  14. wingsfan75

    Good Karma

    Mustard is the new Black!
  15. wingsfan75

    Good News Sports Fans

    They mentioned that Lilja may be back next week as well during Saturday's game.