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  1. I was listening on the radio and they had the same excitement there. I had just picked up my wife so I didn't hear it was Kesler who scored, but the excitement immediately let me to believe Canada had tied it.
  2. anyone know if if you can watch a game after the fact on hockeystreams? i typically work during games and would like to watch when i get home.
  3. Thanks Matt! From someone who typically lurks the forums daily but never posts. You're work is much appreciated from even those who don't always participate.
  4. The only scenario in which I could see a coach picking the powerplay is if they were up by only one goal late in the game. It's a good way to kill two minutes off the clock, if you have faith in your powerplay unit not letting in a shorty.
  5. I found this out and switched to Comcast. That's a shame they couldn't get a deal out.
  6. nhl.com reports that in an effort to stop the detroit/columbus controversy as to who gets to move east, and also to preserve the thriving detroit/colorado rivalry, the nhl will have expansion markets next season in portland, seatle, vegas, mexico city, honduras, salt lake city, nagano, and honolulu. this will effectively move detroit, columbus, dallas and colorado to the eastern conference. peace will be restored.
  7. Actually, the Mick used to work where I do now and I've heard some stories. The same stomach problem that keeps him from making all the road trips also keeps him from drinking. He's just really that awesome!
  8. Perfect timing for this list, I just came home to my new issue of the hockey news and they have their 1st annual GM rankings and rated Holland #1!
  9. Milbury shouldn't even be on the list... what about Garth?
  10. On my third stop of visiting every NHL arena (1. Detroit, 2. Columbus) I'm heading to Toronto this weekend to hit up the Leafs/Pens game, and to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. I was wondering if anyone else that lives there or has been there has any suggestions of things that are a must for a hockey fan visiting Toronto. The only other thing we have planned is Wayne Gretzky's restaurant. I searched the forums to see if there was a discussion about this before and found this. Unrelated, but fun: http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...&hl=Toronto