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  1. ShanTheMan14


  2. ShanTheMan14

    Best Players for the Ducks

    You are a joke.
  3. ShanTheMan14

    Best Players for the Ducks

    Well put. Potshots from no angle at the bottom of the circle aren't really good chances, nor are they a good indicator of Giguere's skill level. He is a good goalie, without question, but has a tendancy to give up Cujo-sized rebounds, the Wings need to get bodies to the front of the net as they did in game 3. Ryan Getzlaf scares me, he is big, fleet of foot, and incredibly tough to knock off the puck. I thought they did well to contain him in game 5, as that line was dominant in game 4.
  4. ShanTheMan14


    I actually did by mistake, it wasn't the highlight that bothered me, it was the smug smirk on Barry Melrose's face, he's been slinging s*** against a wall all playoffs long, finally something stuck. ESPN needs to fire that guy, his hockey acumen is equivalent to his fashion sense.
  5. ShanTheMan14

    Lilja deserves props

    It just sucks that he can't enjoy his first playoff goal without the sting of irony. He isn't the first Wings player to screw the pooch in a playoff game (Paul Coffey anyone?) and won't be the last. The giveaway didn't lose them the series, rather it provided a temporary setback.
  6. ShanTheMan14

    Optimism vs. reality

    Actually, the similarities up to this point are quite striking. Regardless, short of a Statue of Liberty gaffe by Giguere in game 6, I have a hard time believing that this series will follow a similar course of events to its conclusion.
  7. ShanTheMan14

    OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    "Welcome to the team.....fat ass."
  8. ShanTheMan14

    Bob Mckenzie on Bertuzzi trade

    That would take care of the roster player requirement. Nice sig, btw.
  9. ShanTheMan14

    Berard, Cajanek

    Neither. No one would take Lilja. Berard isn't worth the money. Cajanek is the type of player they don't need, a smallish player with decent offensive skills but who has underachieved his entire career. They just got rid of one of those in Jason Williams.
  10. ShanTheMan14

    Wings will not move another roster player

    Kopecky is out for the season. Trading for Guerin is just a pipe dream at this point, look what St. Louis was able to squeeze out of Atlanta just for Keith Tkachuk. That is unless, I've underestimated Holland's propensity for being completely incompetent. I've got mixed feelings about any deal possibly involving Bertuzzi or Nolan. Too bad he nixed the idea of trading for another D. I was crossing my fingers for Nick Boynton.
  11. ShanTheMan14

    NBA Draft

    Personally, I think Durant will be selected at #1 overall....because Greg Oden won't declare this year. Despite his age, Durant has proven this year that he is quite an effective and poilished scorer. Even if he doesn't excel so much at defense, given his 6'9 frame and freakishly long arms, I'm sure a competent NBA coach can and will teach him how to defend. Personally, Oden seems too raw to make the leap just yet. Lets not forget, he started off the season missing significant time, and his offense is just now starting to come around. I think Thad Matta will convince him to stay (at least another year) and ready his game for the NBA. Also, I think Oden will eventually realize that if he wants first overall money, he'd better wait and be part of a draft class that doesn't also contain Kevin Durant.
  12. ShanTheMan14


    When you're right you're right.
  13. ShanTheMan14

    Big Bert?

    If the Wings still have a chance to acquire Todd Bertuzzi, would you pull the trigger if you were Ken Holland?
  14. ShanTheMan14

    Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    Seems a little pricey to me @ 2.5 mil. That being said, this guy seems to get his nose dirty more often than Williams, which could prove to be a plus. Scouting report on tsn says he "has a propensity to step it up in key situations." I'm interested to see what he can do.
  15. ShanTheMan14

    2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    I apologize, but I've sold them up the river at this point. One thing is certain, with a rotation of Verlander, Maroth. Bonderman, and Robertson, plus Rodney/Miner/Zumaya for the upcoming years...they'll be back. All I can ask this year is: just get to the Roaster.