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  1. The Next Move

    "We've got all summer now," Holland said. "The market has been combed over pretty good. We'll explore trades. We're happy that we got the guys that we did on July 1 (F Mikael Samuelsson, F Jordin Tootoo, F Damien Brunner, G Jonas Gustavsson)." Holland added: "Part of this might be that we might have to go with some kids that we think are ready." From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120704/SPORTS0103/207040374#ixzz1zhRnGOSk Right now I have the feeling that with Holland taking his "step back", he may miss out out on trying to sign Carle, or Carle will want more money than Holland is willing to spend for him after being turned away by Suter. I don't think he'll trade for Yandle, or Nash for that matter, as both teams are well aware of what we currently have on roster, what we need and how badly we need it, and their prices will be way too high for Holland to pull the trigger on it. And the last line concerns me where he appears to be.. I'll say "comfortable" going forward with what he have and with those in the minors....
  2. Zach Parise agrees to 13-year, $98-mil deal with Wild

    This, but lets not forget that he "plans" to possibly make moves at the trade deadline if needed
  3. Jiri Hudler signs with Calgary, 4 years, $4m/year

    Can't wait to see him get Kronwall'd
  4. Parise Watch [update x2]: Red Wings OUT of Running

    Its listed below their tweet about Kim K.
  5. Definitely glad we have a little more grit on our team now. The ONLY person I would hate to see in a Wings jersey would be Pronger... If he ever makes it into the winged wheel somehow... I may just go shoot Ken Holland.
  6. If Detroit would have maintained control in the SJ zone, or re-gained it in their own end and moved it up ice, play would have been stopped. But since San Jose had control and they were moving from their defensive to offensive zones, the net off its pegs in the SJ zone has no outcome on the play in the Detroit zone. Hence why it wasnt blown dead.
  7. Game 3 Officiating

    http://freep.com/article/20100503/SPORTS05/100503046/1354/sports/NHL-director-of-officiating-has-reviewed-Game-2 NHL's director of officiating reviewed Game 2.
  8. WCQF Game 6 GDT: Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 2

    Yes he could. In my opinion, the only reason we lost the cup last year was because of him and his turnovers in games 6 + 7. And here he is, doing it again. First goal was because he couldnt shuffle the puck up the boards and instead turned it over. Their 4th goal was because he dicked around holding onto the puck too long after the faceoff and not passing it or clearing it fast enough, which caused PHO to hold it in the zone in the first place. THEN he turns it over again and gives them another gem of an opportunity to get another goal... BENCH STUART NOW ! !
  9. Which NHLer would you like to punch in the face?

    Chris Pronger hands down... Ive always hated him since back in his St. Louis days. Such a ******. He is also probably the only player that would cause me to lose some faith and trust in the Wings if they ever signed him.
  10. The best "insults" you've heard against the Wings

    This wasnt an insult against the Wings really, but it was something I found hilarious when it happened and reading this thread made me think of it. Back in the 2002 Finals, Im pretty sure it was Game 4 as well, when Shanny went to the penalty box and there was that woman non-stop heckling, and screaming at him. And he just looks at her, gives the motion with his hand for her to either shave her armpits or wear some deoderant, then waved his hand in front of his nose cuz "she stank". Was too funny.
  11. We will Win Game 6 by a landslide

    I am grateful for your confidence, even gives me more hope, BUT this same thing was pretty much said about Anaheim a few years ago when we took them to 3 OT's and put Giguere on an IV... (granted it was the first game of the playoffs, but regardless) So forgive me if I don't take well to a few "analysts" assessment on a locker room after a long game.
  12. Crosby post game Q and A

    Perhaps the "who" you refer it is the big name players, maybe you'll stop to think that they are actually the only ones able to get a shot down to the other end to get it in that very empty net. Not garbage based on a 1 goal game. Just by this Ill take it if Sid gets an empty net goal to go up by 2 and seal the game that his goal is garbage because he didnt sit on his butt, being outnumbered and wait for one of his "lesser known" team-mates get open so THEY could get the empty net and have it not garbage? I'm finding this more comical that you are changing what you say as this thread goes along. If you're going to say something, either stick by it or admit that you are wrong/made a mistake and move on.
  13. Crosby post game Q and A

    So by this you are saying that by chance, if your Pens were up 2-1 in a game, and we pulled Ozzie to try to tie it up in the last minute, and the Pens scored an empty net goal it would be garbage? If we were peppering the hell out of Fleury with shots and your guys were able to get it out of the zone and put it in, therefore sealing the game for you, you would be jumping in the air screaming, like the rest of us fans celebrating that your team had the game in hand for sure, whether it was a one goal game or 2+. I highly doubt you would be getting pissed at your team for doing such and calling their goal garbage. I fail to see how any empty net goal is referred to as garbage, irrelevant yes, but garbage no. All empty net goals (being relevant or not) is simply helping "seal the deal". As for Sid, I can't deny his talent, I feel he will be a great player in the future. But as of now, we all saw his reaction after the loss when we went to "talk" to Z. No point in it what-so-ever. I feel if he is wearing the C for that team, he needs to think and act like a captain, regardless of any age. Otherwise the Pens need to think about placing someone else with the C and showing him the ropes of leading a good proper way. I have to agree with PaVel DaTsYuK fan13 and RockyMountainWingGal as well, I really hope he does give credit when (and I truely believe they will, but anything can happen) the Wings hoist the cup again. Because if he doesn't recognize losing to a better team and giving credit where its due, I feel it makes almost every negative comment about him in this thread all the more true.