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  1. I'd be more concerned with the texan player roping down a player like he's cattle also the female goalie was hot that is all
  2. I had the game on at the bar I work at last night, I tell one of our customers, 'Number one play on sportcenter'...this morning I am greeted by this play at number one...that Nabby save was sick, in overtime I believe ?
  3. Got tix yesterday, I am on the first level, first base side...WHOOP
  4. My best guy 'friends' and I will be at the Meat Hammer, just down the road from Wrigley...we will probably be a bit tired from dancing and prancing into the new year, but come on over and say hi...Look for the rainbow flag
  5. >.40 Unconsciousness Death Breathing Heart Rate LEAFS FAN
  6. anyone have the clip of Shanny telling some lady in carolina to shave her pits ?
  7. my friend is a fan, every year they get bounced from the playoffs, he get this text...'The Hab Nots'
  8. any idea of when game 4 will be ?
  9. So tonight, I started playing the Samuelson drinking game...feel free to add Liquor Result 1 Shot - for every missed shot 2 Shots - for every shot taken when there is an open player right by the net Punch in the face - lost puck(s) im wasted and bruised, he's the new Lang I tells ya
  10. They were handing out free Nelly CD's as well, but people thought they were drink coasters
  11. they are most likely staying in a hotel
  12. I love this network, classic games all day, on the fly at night...not feeling so bad being unemployed
  13. getting preseason NHL hilights on ESPN is more likely than Pauly Shore winning an Oscar