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  1. RWNW - Another one! Back to back!

    im going, section 309 row c set 15
  2. Need your THOUGHTS Game 5 - Red Wings Nation WEST

    i wish i could but i took the shift for someone else, if there are any other future outings, just hit me up, cause you know if i got nothing i can make it.
  3. Need your THOUGHTS Game 5 - Red Wings Nation WEST

    i have work, wish i could go
  4. Members photos

    im the one hanging from the tree, lol
  5. Members photos

    lol thats why the shirts even funnier to me its like he crashed through the wrong wall and met a shotgun blast
  6. Members photos

    You must tell me where you got that shirt. NOW! lol, here
  7. Members photos

    not a great pic cause you cant see my face other than the sideburns, but i like my shirt, lol.
  8. Members photos

  9. Members photos

    i like to point
  10. Members photos

    lookin nice indie
  11. Members photos

    lol im modest like that
  12. Members photos

    and of course a shot at the wings game, pic taken by vib16 i believe
  13. Members photos

  14. Members photos

    at fatburger at around 12am, lol
  15. Members photos

    on the right