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    Vancouver Media already playing "wings too old" card

    I loved the part where he said Datsyuk didn't take faceoffs. I saw him take a couple last night. I'm pretty sure i read somewhere that Kesler was a Red Wings fan growing up in Michigan. The Vancouver Province paper is a bit of a rag. I agree with the above poster, if I were a Canucks fan i'd be a lot more concerned about the fact that Kesler is the only guy scoring right now. The Sedins who rack up the goals and points in the regular season have all but disappeared in the playoffs. Game 5 against Nashville they were a combined -7. I also heard on CBC radio on Monday morning, that it was better for the Canucks to play on the road then at home because there is "too much pressure". Isn't that why you work to win the presidents trophy, so you can have home ice advantage all the way through.
  3. Winger19

    Vancouver Media already playing "wings too old" card

    A co-worker played the old card today. I just laughed and asked him if he said the same thing in 2002 & 2008. If I were a Canucks fan i'd be more concerned about the Sedin twins.
  4. Fish or wings, either are just hors d’oeurves ahead of the main course that is the Stanley Cup final. Still, what to recommend? The wings are seasoned nicely, but the meat can be old and chewy, the bones brittle; the fish looks good in the display case, but always seems off by the time your plate arrives. A Western Conference final matchup with the San Jose Sharks, a franchise as disappointing in the playoffs as the Canucks in recent history? Or a date with the Detroit Red Wings, veterans who know how to win but whose creaking bodies may not be able to obey their willing hearts? Especially after a gruelling seven-game series. Based on the Canucks’ season series with both, and hoping for an all-out war in Game 7 (preferably stretching into quadruple overtime), it’s a toss-up who the Canucks match up best against. But historical performance, as your financial adviser will tell you if she’s honest, is no guide to future returns. Ryan Kesler, for instance, in the regular season against the Predators had zero goals, zero assists and was minus-5 in four games. Your provincial government-fronted bookie would have taken a kicking basing its props bets on that information, given Kesler’s 5-6-11 Round 2. So it’s more complicated than saying the Canucks were 3-0-1 against the Sharks or that Vancouver was 2-0-2 against Detroit; because at the same time San Jose was 1-2-1 against Vancouver and Detroit 2-2-0 against the Canucks. That’s Gary Bettman’s math. So ignore the fact Kesler failed to score against San Jose this season (0-3-3), just as he failed to score against Detroit (0-7-7). Kesler loves to play the Wings, the team he grew up cheering against in suburban Livonia, Mich., and most of his teamates feel the same way, since Kesler’s Detroit roots are just one of many ties the two teams have. There’s also the prominent Swedes on each side; Mikael Samuelsson’s connection; even Jeff Tambellini and Kevin Bieksa have ties to Joe Louis Arena through their college days. A Sharks-Canucks final? One team gets to keep wearing the choke collar, the other finally escapes its 21st century underachieving. Here’s a look at some of the matchups either way. Kesler vs. Clowe/Kesler vs. Datsyuk Sportswriters love hyperbole to describe the depths to which teams will go to hide injuries in playoffs. But in this case it’s literally true: It was easier to discover Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts than it is to find out if a player is healthy. So who knows if Ryan Clowe will be ready to suit up by Sunday or just how badly Pavel Datsyuk is hurting (and just think if he wasn’t)? Clowe is to the Sharks and Datsyuk to the Wings what Kesler is to the Canucks in these playoffs. But when the Sharks showed up to fly to Detroit for Tuesday’s Game 6, Clowe was a surprise no-show. And Datsyuk can’t take faceoffs. The twins vs. the big three/twins vs. Lidstrom Todd McLellan has juggled his high-priced regular-season superstars like bowling pins, but, as usual in the playoffs, Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dan Heatley aren’t living up to their salaries. Neither, of course, have the Sedins to date. You can’t say the same about Nick Lidstrom. But does Mike Babcock put him out against the Sedins, or against Kesler? Arch-Niemi We have seen the enemy and he is Antti Niemi. The former Zamboni driver out-duelled Roberto Luongo last season. In these playoffs he’s been inconsistent — he was chased by Nashville. But Niemi also had a couple of awful games against the Preds two years ago when he was with Chicago. He finds ways to bounce back. As does Luongo. Jimmy Howard is more inconsistent than either, and travel issues aside, most Canucks would probably rather face him. D is for depth The Canucks are better one-through-eight than San Jose is one-through-four. Lidstrom is still one of the best in the league, even at 41, and the depth behind him is as deep as the Canucks’ blueline — in the Detroit zone, anyway. Special teams Power plays should be about equal, but give the Canucks’ PK the edge. Intangibles The collar has to be feeling really, really tight in San Jose, even if they win Thursday. All three teams excel when they control the puck and forecheck hard. That might sound like Hockey 101, but these three are just about the best at that kind of game overall in the NHL. Injuries to Clowe and Johan Franzen are more worrying for the Sharks and Wings than Samuelsson’s injury is to the Canucks. And, while all three teams are used to a travel grind, being host of Game 7 is an important ace to hold. Season stats Kesler vs. Sharks: 0-3-3, plus-2, 3 hits, 5 blocked shots Luongo vs. Sharks: 1-0-1, 0.96 GAA, .975 (Cory Schneider started both games at San Jose) D/H Sedin vs. Sharks: 3-8-11, plus-5 Kesler vs. Wings: 0-7-7, plus-7, 11 hits Luongo vs. Wings: 2-0-2, 2.66 GAA, .925 save percentage Sedins vs. Wings: 6-7-13, plus-5. Read more:
  5. Winger19

    Nashville vs. Vancouver

    +1000000 to the glass banging comment, there is nothing more irritating than that, and it happens everywhere when you're there you really don't think there are microphones on the glass.
  6. Winger19

    Question: Why do Wings fans hate the Canucks?

    the jackasses with their stupid green bodysuits actually made a few people from work late today, i made it to work with 3 minutes to spare. They decided to put on their stupid sideshow for traffic at one end of a major commuter route into Richmond/Vancouver during the peak of morning rush hour. Everyone had to slow down to have a look.
  7. Winger19

    Question: Why do Wings fans hate the Canucks?

    I don't have an issue with the Canucks. I have an issue with a fanbase that seems to have a sense of entitlement and don't know how to handle winning. Year after Year, we hear from some Canucks fans going on about how this is their year, and how they're so much better than everyone else. Only to see them go out in the first or second round of the playoffs. The unfortunate part is there are a lot of good Canucks fans around, the problem is they are drowned out by the blowhards.
  8. The funny thing about the louu thing is that it wasn't made for him. Fans of the BC Lions did it for their kicker Lui Passaglia.
  9. Winger19

    Quebec City getting new arena

    I totally agree, i've never seen why people think that Seattle is some kind of hockey mecca who is so hard done by because they don't have an NHL team. The only time the Thunderbirds get fans is when they're winning, Tacoma has had a few semi-pro teams but they're gone, they had the Rockets and they moved on to greener pastures. Plain and Simple, Seattle is a football/baseball town and that's it. They don't even have a viable rink. The taxpayers are still paying off Safeco field and Qwest field.
  10. Winger19

    VAN defense falling apart

    With the way the media and some of the fans act, they did. They do get Salo back but more than likely he'll be hurt again 5-10 games in.
  11. Winger19

    Other Teams, Love em? or Hate em?

    Love the Wings & Oilers. Respect the Leafs, Habs and Kings(Ryan Smyth & Oscar Moller) Hate the Canucks, Flames(Will be harder next year with Ryan Howse in their system), Ducks, Sharks, Penguins and Blackhawks. Don't really care about the rest of the teams.
  12. Winger19

    Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

    They live and die with their team. They definitely deserve better. The Leafs fans that I know are fiercely loyal, but unfortunately accept the fact that they're a mediocre team.
  13. Winger19

    good day but bad night....

    Just because someone says that he dislikes some fans of a certain team doesn't mean you have to get all butthurt about it or over analyze it like you have.
  14. Winger19

    good day but bad night....

    struck a nerve did I? No where did i say that all canucks fans are the same, what i did say was the Canucks fans that I KNOW are all the same. Reading comprehension would be a good start for you.
  15. Winger19

    good day but bad night....

    I totally agree, I hate Canucks fans with a passion. No matter the situation they need to make it about them. Case in point is the article about the Oilers beating the Hawks, all of a sudden you have Canucks fans posting saying how they are an elite team, blah blah blah. I know quite a few Canucks fans and they are all the same. The team wins and they're totally in your face and obnoxious, as soon as they lose, they're either quiet or complaining that the refs screwed them. They go on and on about how the Leafs, Oilers, Flames, Habs fans are worse, yet fans of those teams all have 1 thing in common, they cannot stand Canucks fans. One last thing, I live in Chilliwack, about an hour out of Vancouver and so many people assume that because of my geographical location I'm a Canucks fan. I've never cheered for them, never will. I've been through the ups and downs with the Wings and the Oilers and no matter how either team does i'm still behind them 100% unless they play each other and then i'm hooped.