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  1. hockeysattva


  2. If there is going to be a classic flame war I suppose I should make my first post in who knows how long. Initially I assumed that too many posters were simply not old enough to remember the sheer brilliance of the older team. But, I think I was wrong there... I sure remember the greatest hockey season of my life. Watched 100 Wings games that season. So I have a hard time with so much of the commentary provided. The only explanation is that people just didn't watch the games.
  3. hockeysattva

    Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

    I wonder what we'll be saying in a year? But, yeah, definitely a drop, not sure that this means its getting eliminated. Glad people are blaming the Europeans like they used to do every time the subject was brought up. Saw a clip not too long ago of a high school game where the kids tried to jump one of the refs... that was pretty disturbing.
  4. hockeysattva

    Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

    I've noticed a drop in fighting majors in the minors as well. Might just be the teams I'm watching.
  5. hockeysattva

    2016 Playoffs % chances (part II)

    It's been a loooong time since I posted. I came here to find some optimism, thanks for providing it. Now, how do we get back to having a team that we look at as having a chance to go deep and not just get into the playoffs...
  6. hockeysattva

    Knuckles vs Numbers - The death of the enforcer

    Statistics are exactly what they are, they provide a compelling argument, and if you don't like it you should come up with a better explanation, what you've done is make an ad hominem attack. Doesn't make you look real good. Now, I'd like to see the stats they are using . I will bet that the statistics can prove some of the intangibles. Like looking at the success of shifts after winning fights, etc. I bet there is proof to some of the "momentum."
  7. hockeysattva

    Recommend me a game from the glory days

    I highly recommend the boxed set,'t buy the one that is posted, its way overpriced, but its great games in great quality. It's funny, because I'd love to just watch some of the old games, without the teaser, and relive some of the fun. Detroits series against the Capitals was great. I remember Maltby blocked five or six shots in one shift. Or, another Maltby, but Maltby and Draper having a great duo, I think Maltby scored tow short handed goals in one penalty once. There were many great games that 2002-3 season. Still the all time greatest team IMO. But, I might enjoy watching the Wings v. Kings game from the year before... I remember Chelios and Luc fought (if you can call it that) and Luc's kids crying... I'd probably never watch any of those 95 Wings games again though, not if it had that stupid Fox puck tracker... Rookie season Datsyuk was a real treat, other teams hadn't figure out how dangerous he was yet.
  8. hockeysattva

    4th Annual Playoff Money On The Board!

    There are some really good ones. I'm hesitant to pledge anything wild since I won't be able to watch all the games... still thinking, what could I do that only requires access to a stat sheet?
  9. hockeysattva

    ECQF - Series A - Bruins versus Red Wings

    This series is the reason I didn't complain about the Wings moving to the East (even though I knew the travel was hard on the team). Lets go Red Wings!
  10. hockeysattva


    I realize you've pulled up an old thread for a new post, and might suggest you just start a new thread... I think Basketball is a different can of worms, but it is thought provoking none-the-less. I disagree with the idea of fining refs. either you trust they are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, or you find someone else. Refs aren't paid enough to be fined anyway, at least not in our league. Mis dos centavos.
  11. hockeysattva

    Will Malkin Ever Develop a Fedorov Complex?

    Its a bad analogy or comparison. Crosby isn't a better player than Malkin, though time will tell on whether that changes or not. Second, they're basically the same age chronologically and with the team. The only fair part of your comparison is that you've got English speaking as first language captains, and I don't really think that was the issue with Feds and don't expect as much from Malkin.
  12. hockeysattva

    Jordan Leopold is ended by Andy Sutton

    Richards elbow wasn't at his side... it also appeared to move very deliberately. I think the biggest difference for me is what these plays look like at regular speed. Could be more material for the "no hard elbow and shoulder pads" debate though. Oh, and maybe not being along the boards just makes it look worse.
  13. hockeysattva

    Jordan Leopold is ended by Andy Sutton

    The commentators had it right, no other place for his elbow than by his side. Nothing dirty about the hit at all "just a violent collision."
  14. hockeysattva

    Top 5 Fighters

    Since, you said fighter and enforcer, and since I'm not really in the mood for deciding where the Tony Twists of hockey belong, and since I want a list of Wings... My five favorite fighters. I've always loved watching Shanny fight. He had some real slug fests with Foote. Darren McCarty he could play hockey, and throw down as needed nuff said. [Honorable Mention: Chris Chelios, remember when he fought Luc... I distinctly remember his boy saying, "mom why is that man hitting daddy?"] Probert and Kocur are gimmies, but they were really more on the enforcer end. Fischer, he didn't fight much, but I'll also never forget the pounding he gave Hartnell after he healed. I would not what to be anywhere close to the receiving end of that. Plus he was just so young, he really had the passion. Martin Lapoint, he had more upper body strength than any other Wing at that time, and he got into some great match-ups with guys who didn't realize it. Mike Vernon, probably the chippiest netminder I'll give credit to
  15. hockeysattva

    Official Playoff Bracelet Thread

    I hate giving relationship advice even more than I hate giving life advice, but there are just some things that need to be said. 1. There is no such thing as a failed playoff beard (see Sidney Crosby), there are beards that are gone before their prime, but no playoff beard fails. 2. There is no alternative to a beard, you either have one or you don't. (Bracelets are great they support the team, and they're fun (notice I'm not saying cute or going that direction, I never have and never will) and I'm all for them.) Now the real advice 3. Men and women do millions of super silly things, and are often dumbfounded by the things their partners do in relationships. You need to take advantage of the opportunities these silly things create. It gives you the chance to practice resolving conflict when its not really a big deal. Your gf isn't supposed to like the silly things you do (like growing a beard) but if you actually don't grow one because of her you might as well break up with her tomorrow, because that isn't a real relationship or you don't have the maturity for one... GO WINGS!