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  1. Helm injured, out 2-4 weeks

    I was there and I swear I heard one of the doctors say it was a broken clavicle(collarbone).
  2. Do you play hockey?

    Started playing hockey the first year Wings training camp was held here in T.C. in a beginners league.Played goalie till this past Nov. when I tore My ACL in a game. THAT SUCKED. Our team was called the GRINDERS. Darren McCarty was our sponsor. Taking a season off, hope to play next year if the Wife lets me.
  3. Training Camp Questions

    I live here in TC. I've been to every skate of every camp since the beginning. Main camp is good hockey, but The Prospect tournament is great hockey you should check it out.
  4. So I met Stevie tonight...

    I run a bar in Traverse City, I met Stevie during the first Training Camp. I've since met lots of Wings during Camp, but the first time meeting the Captain, by far the best.
  5. More on Carter Rumor

    Let the Leafs Have Carter. Sign Bondra 1y\ 1 or 1.25 mil then go after a UFA next year like Gomez or Doan, Havlat or Gagne. Bondra's good for 25 - 35 goals with the right line combo