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  1. LGW Contest!

    nevermind. damn i was 10 off
  2. RWN_HQ (east)

    ok is it in Jan or Feb??? I have recently moved so if its Jan 26th, then I cant make it due to work that night. And if its Feb 26th, I DEFINATELY can't make because I will be getting married that day.
  3. 2010-11 NBA Season Thread

    only thing that will make it sweeter, a loss tonight by the Heat to the Cavs. GO CAVS!!
  4. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    If Rich Rod gets fired, it will be this week...before the bowl game. Greg Robinson would coach the bowl game. As for Michigan State, I don't care if its a share and they probably wont go to a BCS bowl but... 2010 BIG TEN CHAMPIONS!!
  5. MLB 2010 Season Thread

    Thats what I am afraid of. I get the feeling that the Tigers brass targeted Crawford or Werth and then settled for V-Mart because they had a better shot at getting that deal done than the other ones. Maybe its me being wishful thinking that hopes that the deal can still be arranged. I agree with you on bringing back Ordonez. I have a feeling that ordonez won't get much on the market so his salary shouldnt be that high. I don't see another starter coming here (even tho I would love to get Cliff Lee). I think Porcello, Galarraga, Bonderman might fill out the rotation.
  6. MLB 2010 Season Thread

    love the bat we get with v-mart. Probably gonna play a little catcher or DH mostly. Does this move help us get Crawford or is that deal over now??
  7. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I hope your right. Assuming MSU takes care of business in Happy Valley, a Michigan upset against the Buckeyes would send Sparty to the Rose Bowl!! GO BIG BLUE!! BEAT THE BUCKEYES!!
  8. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Dear Santa, Is it too much to ask Michigan to win the next two games so Michigan State can win the Big Ten title outright and head to the Rose Bowl?? Maybe just beat Ohio State. I am not too worried in the Spartans this saturday against Purdue. MSU was really getting banged up so a bye week is just what the doctor ordered. The last game at PSU worrys me a bit. Joe Pa could announce his retirement before the game and all that is gonna do is fire up the faithful.
  9. MLB 2010 Season Thread

    Benoit has always been a solid middle reliever. Problem is that teams like Texas wanted to make him a starter and he clearly isn't a starter, kinda similar to Miner situation. Give me Crawford and Dunn...and I will be very happy this offseason.
  10. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    "Anybody who says they love Michigan and love our program yet they go out and say something really negative, just because they want to vent, you don't really love your program because that's not helping you in recruiting," Coach Rich Rod So I guess the fanbase is the next target for Rich Rod.
  11. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I actually will agree with you on this one. Special teams is worse too. Ok Michigan fans. Do you really want this team to win another game this year?? Another win so they can go to a bowl game and maybe Rich Rod keeps his job.....or would you rather they just bottom out, lose all their remaining games and bring in a new coach.
  12. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    again i ask, how is this year different than last year???
  13. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    In college football, you need luck every now and then. Luck has definately been on MSU's side this year. I understand with what your saying in MSU but the fact is they are undefeated and with only 7 undefeated teams left, they deserve to be at least in the top 7. With the voters having the spartans 5th outta 7 undefeated teams should at least tell you that they are not convinced in this team. A win against Iowa would change a lot of voters minds IMO. Also its not what team you beat when you play them, its how they do after you beat them that can effect you. Just ask Boise State. Yeah they beat Va Teach but then Va Tech laid an egg against James Madison and thats may hurt the Broncos in the end of this season, getting into the National Championship Game. Its interesting in that if you have 3 undefeated teams left...say Oregon, Boise State and TCU...with Bama being a 1 loss team. Would the BCS move a 1 loss Alabama team in the title game over undefeated Boise St. and TCU?? I think they would. If anything to avoid the BCS championship going to a non-BCS conference team.
  14. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    Everyone goes to the schedule and says MSU has a weak schedule. When compared to Oregon's schedule, the Spartans have definately had a tougher one. In fact of the top 5 teams in the country, only Auburn has had a tough schedule so far. MSU beat Wisconsin, plain and simple. Everyone said Wisconsin was overrated and couldnt win the big games when it counted and all they did was win 2 big games back to back. Even if MSU gets "rolled" in a BCS bowl, isn't this a helluva accomplishment and shows that the program has arrived. I bet Michigan fans wish their team was "rolled" in a BCS game again.
  15. 2010 College Football Season Thread

    I haven't been online lately. I have and will continue to always post about my spartans, win or lose. 8-0 is unbelievable to imagine. It maybe premature but I requested new years day off at work with the wishful thinking that if MSU plays the Rose Bowl, I will be able to watch it live. I will have to wait and see what happens. Looking forward to this weekends Iowa game as this really is the last huge hurdle in the Spartans dream season.