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  1. Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

    If he was fired because of low ratings (what Murphy has said, FSD has said nothing to my knowledge) I don't think FSD is blaming him for low ratings, but that cost had to be cut because of the lower ratings. Low ratings = lower ad revenue Murphy was the only one who was expendable. He carried a larger salary than Elliot, a third studio analyst and guy between the benches isn't needed and with Mickey traveling more a substitute color guy wasn't needed anymore. Keating, York, Hogan and Thompson work across all FSD broadcasts - not just the Wings - so they carry more value than Murphy. Elliot spent 10 years as an analyst for the Thrashers (and won a couple Emmy's too) and is probably being groomed as Mickey's repacement.
  2. Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

    Here is Greg's email - greg.hammaren@foxsports.net - send him a note and let him know how you feel.
  3. Larry Murphy Fired by FSD

    Someone started an online petition, not sure how much weight these things carry but here you go: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/get-fox-sports-detroit-to-rehire-larry-murphy/
  4. Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    Aker has been playing in the D-League for a few months now with Amir Johnson and both have been impressive. For Aker to be put on the roster someone would have to come off and that's not going to happen. The reason the starters were still in is two-fold: 1. They like playing minutes and don't want to completely rest going into the playoffs. Whether it's right or wrong it's what the starters like and Flip has no spine when it comes to this kinda stuff. 2. Yes, they were killing them and then the reserves come in and the lead shrunk to the 6 point margin of victory it was. The bench plays better when intermingled with two or three starters, not as a 5-man unit.
  5. Post Everytime You Look

    I don't know, this thread is cool and all but nothing makes me feel more alive than a good goalie war thread. I swear the next time I read that (proper goalie name noun) is (adjective) because of (verb) I'm going to (dangling participle)...
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    Peter Jackson's "King Kong" starts this weekend. I'm sorry, everytime I see Peter Jackson's name I think of "Meet The Feebles". If you haven't seen it, Google the name. Do it.
  7. Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    Rome has a nationally syndicated show that airs in Detroit. He was here a few years ago for one of his "Tour Stops". He will probably be here for the Super Bowl too, as he has traveled to the each of the Super Bowl locals since I can remember, and broadcasts the whole week prior from that location. Really, the Sacramento thing was stupid. If we are really that mad about it, why don't we just fix the problems so people can't throw it back in our face. I'm not embarrassed because they showed those images in mocking Detroit, I'm embarrassed because they still can. And when did Detroit become so sensative? Isn't this the same metro area that takes pride in it's toughness? Quit crying about it. Great game last night against the Suns. 5-0, but I guess Indiana and Miami are still teh teams to beat.
  8. song title game

    Midnight Cowboy - Faith No More
  9. song title game

    Nightrain - Guns and Roses