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  1. The Streak is Over...GOOD!

    Actually, the Wings were shut out against the Flames in the playoffs May 3, 2004. They were shut out 3 times in the playoffs that year (Nashville Apr 13th & Calgary May 1st & 3rd). It was such a stupid stat that did not mean anything. They (the local broadcast team) mentioned it every time the wings scored their first goal of a game. The Wings were still more than a full season away from breaking the streak, so they shouldn't have even brought it up until next year when they were starting to get close.
  2. Rumor: Steve Thomas signs with Wings

    Igor is staying in Russia this year. They would rather him have more 1st line work in Russia then a few mins a game as a 4th liner here. Staying in Russia gives him a better place to build his stills so he will be Truely Ready next season.