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  1. The Red Wings' prospect camp roster has been released: June 28, GriffinsHockey: The camp will be divided into on-ice sessions as well as off-ice conditioning. On-ice workouts will take place every day from 8:30-10:00 a.m. beginning on July 2, and will conclude on July 6 with a skills competition. Players confirmed to attend are listed below. FORWARDS Justin Abdelkader Dick Axelsson Anton Axelsson Cory Emmerton Darren Helm Shawn Matthias Evan McGrath Jan Mursak Mattias Ritola DEFENSEMEN Nils Backstrom Jonathan Ericsson Jakub Kindl Sergei Kolasau Jeff May Juho Mielonen Logan Pyett Bretton Stamler GOALIES Jimmy Howard Daniel Larsson Stefan Liv Joey MacDonald I really wish it was open to the public. It's an absolute blast to attend. In any case, Darren Helm and Justin Abdelkader will have a busy summer as they've been invited to the Canadian and US World Junior Championship evaluation camps, respectively: Too bad it wasn't open to the public, redwingscentral had some awsome coverage on it last year. No Grigs, Lofberg, or Ryno. I dunno if this is the actual camp, or just a strength and conditioning camp. Last year it was the week before training camp, so I guess we'll see.
  2. Anybody know when camp starts? I thought it was sometime this week, but I can't find anything on it. Is Grigs gonna be there?
  3. $5.2 million? Apparently the drugs test are just for roids because they are missing all the crack everybodies smoking.
  4. What we should do is trade our 3,546th round pick for Nash, Iginla, Heatley, Staal, and see if the Lightning will toss in Vinnie.
  5. I don't think Columbus is going to add any more payroll, even if Lang isn't that expensive. Rupp has been passed around like an indian peace pipe, which raises questions, IMO.
  6. Great article.
  7. I'm pretty sure he'll be an unrestricted free agent with the new cba. Maybe not though, I haven't really checked into it.
  8. I agree with your point, but Luongo has never played a playoff game, so it's hard to tell what he'll do. I'm pretty certain he'll be amazing, but you never know. If all it took to get Luongo is Lang and Legace, they'de be long gone by now. It's gonna take something alot more than that. Good thing though is that he wants to play for a cup contender, which rules out a bunch of teams. Colorado will prolly make a pitch for him, and it would not suprise me to see the Nucks, Flyers, and Toronto, if they actually make it to the playoffs.
  9. Agreed. It seems that every first round pick for the last 10 years has been that way.
  10. Grigs will be here next year. I think Liv will try his hand at NA hockey, prolly the AHL. Hudler still needs to develope, Kopecky and Bootland would be nice to see. Wouldn't amaze me to see Quincy pop in a game or 2. I was hoping Tolsa would get his s**t togethor, but that looks doubtful.
  11. Boucher sucks big time. Nabokov would be fantastic. Luongo would be a great pickup. You can argue save the money and get a better d-man, but if you had Luongo, you wouldn't need as many high priced d-men. Personally I would rather see us have easily one of the top 3 goaltenders in the NHL and let some of our younger, cheaper d-men develope in the big league a little without fear of f**king up and having bush league Boucher being there to usher in the puck. Freeing up enough money to sign Luongo, that is another story.
  12. Weight is too old and slow. Calgary could make a pitch for him, but we are way too deep on center to waste our time. Even if he did get switched to the wing, I'm sure they'll be a couple other wingers available who would be a better fit.
  13. I agree. Unless injuries play a big role, we prolly won't see much of him this year. Next year he should come over. Hopefully. Please god.
  14. I used to be pretty high on Nolan, but now I can't stand him. If he came cheap, I guess it would be okay. But he's so damn injury prone, and after this whole thing with the leafs, I can't really stand him.
  15. I don't think so, there was a deadline back in sept. I think that stopped us from signing prospects. Samuelsson didn't fall under that because he wasn't one of our prospects. I think.