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  1. August 16, 2013 at 8:47PM
  2. Unfollowing the NHL on Twitter is akin to thinking you are solving world hunger by liking a charity on Facebook. Pointless.
  3. Thanks for all the great years Chris! I still remember feeling so excited when Hasek came here and yet so sad that Ozzie was leaving. I also remember how glad I was to be right when I said he'd be back. Cheers to a great career!
  4. FWIW John Gruden has said he would accept the OSU job if offered. Can't wait to read this forthcoming SI article. I've heard it's supposed to be posted online tonight.
  5. I need to go to bed. That'll be a tall order tonight. GREAT game boys!
  6. Atta boy Nick! :siren:
  7. :clap: :clap:
  8. Great series Yotes. Best of luck to your franchise.
  10. A breakthrough goal for the Wings is coming. I can feel it.
  11. Excellently timed piss break! :siren:
  12. Shane Doan looks amazed constantly. Every time I see the guy he looks like he just got told the secret of life.
  13. Howie spotted us two right there. Great job by him.
  14. Great save by Jimmy!