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  1. Eastern Conf.

    Ok...i'm still a little bitter about the finals last year BUT what are your thoughts on the east? If washington gets bounced in the first round...ugh and i HATE to say this...but I guess the pens would have the best shot of going to the finals. I think I just threw up in my mouth as I typed that. If they get back to back cups when that was supposed to be us a year ago....
  2. Yzerman May Leave Soon

    Does anyone here have access to ESPN insider? I can just see the headlines because i'm not a member, but I hope this isnt the case and just a wide blown rumor or speculation! I hope Stevie Y stays with the organization! Heres the link: (There is also something about the Hudler situation there too.) LETS GO RED WINGS!!! A NEW SERIES STARTS TONIGHT!!!
  3. Where will the Wings play next year?

    I've kind of been out to lunch on this topic, but was it ever determined where the Wings will play next year? Will they extend the lease on the Joe until a new arena is built? I really hope this is the case. GO WINGS!!
  4. The Magic Playoff Number

    Has anyone figured out what how many points we need to clinch a playoff birth? Could we clinch with a win vs EDM on tues and a win vs CBJ on Thurs? Is that possible? Thanks in advance...LGRW!!
  5. Helm hates Pittsburgh also

    I'm a HUGE Wings fan who lives in PITTsburgh....was at the game with my Wings jersey on yesterday and no one really said anything to me....this city is so bandwaggon its not even funny...and Pittsburgh as a city isnt anything to write home about pisses me off when people here cut up on Detroit, who have never been there before! I've been to the D 6 or 7 times, all for Wings games, and had a great time!! GO WINGS!
  6. to stream Wings/Farjestad

    I might not be able to get out of work early on Friday and was wondering if anyone knew a site that the game will be video streamed on? If not, does anyone know anywhere i could listen to it?? Please help!!!
  7. Whats up Detroit... Not a Pens or Wings fan

    Man you could not be more right. I also live in Pittsburgh and LOVE the Wings. Everyone likes to say that. It also pisses me off that they say "we're the real hockeytown". Yeah right jackass. Pittsburgh sucks. 3 good years doesnt make you a hockeytown. Listening to the sports talk shows in this city makes me sick. Like 'notapensfaninpgh' said, they dont give any credit to anyone else and think that their s*** doesnt stink. Biased like you wouldnt believe. I hope the Wings end this in 5 so I dont get annoyed with these dumbasses any longer. LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!!
  8. Wings and Tigers

    This is just weird but.... When the Tigers win, the Red Wings win as well.. Game One, Red Wings 3, Pens 1.......Detroit 6, Baltimore 3 Game Two, Red Wings 3, Pens 1.......Detroit 3, Baltimore 0 Game Three, Red Wings 2, Pens 4.....Detroit 1, Boston 5 Weird huh? And for what its worth, The Tigers play at 1:05 vs Boston tomorrow afternoon... LETS GO RED WINGS....AND TIGERS! We'll be fine boys...2 to 12.
  9. Gonchar Believes Wings Lucky There is the link. We've gotten a few bounces our way but c'mon. And yeah, you've outshot us (I dont have the exact shot numbers each game) but....I remember we outshot Edmonton bad in the 06 first round loss but a ton of them were from the outside, low quality scoring chances. Discuss! LETS GO RED WINGS! Hopefully we can get a BIG WIN tonight!!!!!!!!!
  10. ECF Game #4 GDT

    What a complete and utter JOKE the Eastern Conference is! I live in Pittsburgh and you should hear everyone rant and rave here...hahahahahhahahaha...I hope the Wings smash the Pens in the finals.... WELCOME TO DETROIT B*TCHES!! LETS GO RED WINGS!!
  11. Your Stanley Cup Final

    Not to jump ahead of ourselves and with all due respect to Chicago and Carolina... I think we are looking at a rematch of last years Stanley Cup Final, ladies and gentlemen.. I would like to get some INTELLEGENT conversation going on this...what do you think? My personal opinion is that I think it would be very similar to last year, with the same result. The Wings didnt lose anyone except Dallas Drake and Hasek...and gained Hossa and Conklin from the Pens. We are very dominant when it counts (knock on wood). I think the Wings would handle the pens once again, and i am a Wings fan who lives in Pittsburgh, FYI. We're deeper, top to bottom, then the Pens. They seem to of got some soft goals especially in the washington series. If we stop crosby, I think we wouldnt have much of a problem, given that IMO, we're deeper top to bottom, more skilled, and the Western Conference is way above the Eastern Conference. The Pens top 2 lines: Kunitz-Crosby-Guerin Fedotenko-Malkin-Sykora Counter that with Hossa-Datsyuk-Holmstrom Cleary-Z-Franzen I like that...and then our 3 and 4 is better than their 3 and 4 IMO.....but i would like to hear from Red Wings nation on this one....not to take anyone lightly, but I feel that Anaheim was our biggest fight....I feel good....7 to 12.....What do you think? LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!
  12. Conspiracy Theory: Detroit Looks like Pens fans still have a sour taste in their mouth from the @$$ kicking we gave them last June, in a best of 7 series, which we only needed 6 games. HA! Make sure to click on "read more" at the bottom. This is going to be an interesting blog! GO WINGS!
  13. Where can I order this?

    Ive been looking everywhere for the red hat with the old english tigers D on it, but i cant find it anywhere. I dont live in Detroit so its not like i can swing past hockeytown authentics and pick one up, but its a sweet hat and id like to order one. Can anyone help? Thanks
  14. Line Matchups

    Holmstrom - Zetterberg - Datsyuk Filppula - Hudler - Cleary Samuelsson - Draper - Drake Maltby - Helm - McCarty Defence Lidstrom - Rafalski Stuart - Kronwall Lebda - Chelios Goaltender Osgood Dupuis - Crosby - Hossa Malone - Malkin - Sykora Ruutu - Staal - Kennedy Roberts - Talbot - Laraque Defence Orpik - Gonchar Gill - Scuderi Letang - Whitney Goaltender Fleury So the big question is who pairs up against who? I think the Draper line will be used against Crosby, and the Z line will be used against Malkin. What do you guys think? Plus, as a Red Wings fan WHO LIVES IN PITTSBURGH, I think its funny how on the talk shows all they talk about is the Wings being a ONE LINE TEAM!! You dont win the west with a one line team. I think we're as deep as anyone in the league.
  15. Out of town wings fans!

    I've tried going back and forth with my friends before, and that really gets me nowhere. Now, i just let them talk and ignore them. They will try txting me when the wings lose or something stupid like that and i'll just not respond. I've found out that that's the best way because all they want to do is get me all fired up, and if i dont play their game, I win. Like the poster at the bottom said, you have to pick and choose your battles. I guess thats the best way of looking at it. Anyone else agree? I've never been spit on or anything like that thankfully. Thats taking it way too far...