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  1. 12/13 GDT : Coyotes 4 at Red Wings 1

    This teams need Ralph Krueger ASAP. Highly motivational coach who never got a real chance in EDM. At least he makes players believe in themselves…
  2. Firsov

  3. Good signing. It took Jakub nearly 3 full seasons in every league he's played in to reach his full potential (he has steadily improved in each of those 3 years). So this is going to be year 3 in the NHL. Looking forward to see what kind of player he will be at the end of this year… Solid 2nd pair defenseman for sure.
  4. Kindl shouldn't be traded at all. He has needed at least 3 years at every level to develop properly (getting better pointwise and his +/- stats), so the Wings shouldn't let him go before evaluating his real worth next year. Unless they want to trade for him in about two years time
  5. Coaching part of the problem?

    Barry Smith would be available the article says he has stepped down because he had the feeling that he couldn't reach his team anymore... don't know if that would help the wings right now...
  6. How does Brad McCrimmon STILL have a job?

    replace brad mccrimmon with ken hitchcock now! and while we're at it get colby armstrong here too.
  7. Free Agents That Might Sign with The Wings

    I would love to see colby armstrong in a red wings jersey. abdelkader - helm - armstrong would be a nice energy line. sergei should retire here as well... so we can hang all the numbers of the greatest draft ever into the rafters
  8. Red Wings Trade Deadline Predicitions

    Samuelsson + 3rd for Colby Armstrong 2nd rounder for Neil
  9. Congrats Draper

    Congrats to Kris and Julie!
  10. what the f#*k? i'm gonna puke if i have to watch them wear those...
  11. Which of the 7 'big' names get into the Hall this year?
  12. is there any way to watch nhl games live on a mac (haven't found anything yet that compares to sopcast or so on a mac)? are there any live-streams that work via your browser-window? does that ip-adress thing with comcast/yahoo work for europeans like myself as well? i need to watch those damn playoffs please... thanks in advance...