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  1. goblue169

  2. macfarlane collectibles?

    hey guys. i lived in phoenix for year where mcfarlane is. fun to walk into the store to buy stuff. i spoke with todd mcfarlane last year and suggested he do a lidstrom with the "C" and then I told him i would love to see Yzerman in the Legends with the Game 7 slap shot against St. Louis. Now I take no credit for the Lid's, because that was an easy one to do, but I am hoping for the Yzerman. He is a cool guy and huge hockey fan.
  3. Stanley Cup Tickets

    No I got game 6 and 7 at home for the Finals if it goes that far. I am hoping for a game 7 as I got 2nd row! Now I am going to get my a** kicked when I get home and tell my wife how much they cost!
  4. Stanley Cup Tickets

    sorry about that.
  5. Stanley Cup Tickets

    I am not trying to jinx the squad, but I wanted to let everyone know tickets are on pre-sale for the Cup Finals with Redwings world. It may be late now, but use the special code of: 08SCUPSTH I am sure someone will be mad at me for giving that out, but more will appreciate it. I got game 6 and 7 in hopes for a great battle. Go wings tonight!
  6. Should Sammy Sit for Maltby?

    Please sit Sammy. I think he is terrible. The only thing he does it get poor shots. He turns the puck over way too much, and why the hell is he ever at the Point on the Power Play??? I don't care who is in, rather that Sammy is out!