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  1. Darcy Tucker

    Eklund has the Wings being most interested in Darcy Tucker, among others (LeClair, Luongo, Roloson, and the injured Bryan Berard). I know it's Eklund...but any thoughts on Tucker?
  2. Detroit interested in Weight?

  3. If I We're GM

    I feel like Lang to Atlanta or Montreal are still possibilities. Just posting to say that there are options out there for him besides Ottawa and Calgary (as Higgy suggests above)... Also, Higgy...love the Goaldiggers logo...
  4. Luongo

    I understand your frustration with Eklund but did you even read the opening post? Also, it's absurd to say "Holland says they aren't making any significant moves" when 1) He wouldn't say if they were going to make significant moves and 2) He didn't say that at all tonight on the pre-game. What he did say is that they don't have a lot of cap room but that they do have enough and may be looking to add a player.
  5. Luongo

    You all can blow up at me about this, but it's worth mentioning regardless of the reaction I get. Now we all have strong feelings about Eklund (personally, I haven't found him to be very accurate) but yesterday he mentioned the Wings would be more active than anticipated at the deadline and said he had a call with a Wings source later in the day. So, I followed up on that with a question about what he'd learned, today. He claims the following: "Any Luongo trade will be passed by Detroit first" and that "they are the market makers now." I know...I know...no link...but you can't link to the chat sessions over there and I was forced to just copy it down. Get fired up and angry if you wish but I'm just telling you what he said. Whether it happens or whether it's even remotely likely, it's still fun to think about.
  6. Theodore to Avs?

    It's been a while...but I'm back! From Spector: http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_...de_rumours.html Discuss...