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  1. Vladdycupwinner

  2. Who was worse, Hatcher in 04 or Lilja in 06?

    I seen no option for both [hehe] so I voted Hatcher sucks.
  3. Where?

    From Detroit now in Ft Myers Fla and wow is it nice here.
  4. Best Detroit Play by Play/Commentator

    I like Ernie.Mickey can get to ya every so often.I really liked Strader.I am now living in Fla and he is the guy for the panthers broadcasts.Go figure.
  5. Who will win the cup?

    Edmonton in game 7 on Monday will finally win it.I hope the wings don't think they lost to the Stanley Cup Champs and don't make the proper adjustments next year.Maybe thinking they just ran into the hot team [but we should be use to first round exits been like that for the wings in the past.] this season.
  6. Should Detroit trade Pavel Datsyuk in the offseaon?

    I have heard [Oh yes BTW is my answer] of Dats for Luongo [i like it] we need a good goalie.And I have to agree about him holding out for a huge deal.Why take that chance he almost didnt make it last year.
  7. Thorne/Clement or Emrick/JD

    I hate Thorne and Clement [well hate them all in the poll but lesser of two evils I guess] Also I can not stand Barry Melrose.It is like he is still bitter about not coaching the wings when Bowman came around.My 2 cents
  8. Next Captain

    I would have to say Zetterburg.Although I also like the Draper idea.well Lang has zero, why?
  9. Zetterberg Vs Datsyuk

    All the way Zetterburg.I like Pavel but all around Zetterburg is the man.
  10. Dave Lewis Spotted On Plane Coming From Nashville

    Maybe he was at the house of blues.Acually I was kidding he was probablly scouting as Norrisnick said.