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  1. WickedColdClown

  2. Zetterberg out until Friday (Back Spasms)

    Man, this sucks. Just as he was in rare form too.
  3. Everyone needs to calm down.

    Until they say what is wrong and how long he will be out for, I will panic.
  4. It's time for a change

    As cool as it would be to see a sweet looking Wings jersey, I just don't want it to happen for the sake of having a little bit of tradition remaining in the game. I mean, I know it's a new time and things are suppose to change, but it's like this isn't even the NHL anymore. I miss the good old days, late 80's... early 90's. These were the years I grew up watching hockey and it was just so fun and exciting. Looking back and comparing the games now... it's a totally different league, which may be good and bad. Please though, for the love of God NHL... don't change the Red Wings jersey, EVER.
  5. 1/24 GDT: Nashville Predators at Red Wings

    You can't blame Manny... he gave up 1 goal in regulation. WHAT DO YOU WANT!? If the Wing could score more than twice in a game maybe we could win. And I must say Lang is worthless. I don't care if he scored in 2 straight games... he does nothing on the ice. He doesn't skate, can't shoot, can't pass, can't take a pass and can't even stickhandle around a guy with his huge frame.
  6. Lang believes Fisch will retire..

  7. trade datsuk for brodur

    I've never heard of those guys. Are they new?
  8. Bootland

    Yes... we need him Hudler and Lebda.