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  1. If the Preds win, I will buy a Preds Subban jersey. You heard it here first.
  2. Washington was the Presidents trophy winning team. Columbus ended the season on a low note and couldn't recover. The Sens were outmatched, but man did they come close to pulling it off. Overall, I wouldn't say the Pens had an easy time, but the only team out of the West I thought could have beaten them was the Ducks. Thats if Gibson played out of his mind. Agreed. Personally, I hope Holland burns this team to the ground and gives the kids a shot. If the team is going to fail, let the youth fail. That will allow them to build through the draft. After about 5 years of missing the playoffs, they will have that generational player or two unless the team as a whole overachieves. Many in the Red Wings fanbase won't take a couple losing seasons. My bet is it will take about 3 before they stop following the team and the boards become silent. After the way this team has been mismanaged, I won't blame them for leaving either.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, after the Wings tank the next couple years and miss the playoffs, many people on these forums will be gone. For good reason as well. Why support a team that the ownership craps all over. I used to be all uppity about bandwagon fans, now I understand it. Especially after watching teams where the ownership just craps all over the fans and intentionally tanks for years. There is no way in hell I would support a team that did that. You can bet your ass if the Wings started doing that crap, I wouldn't attend a game or watch them on TV either. At least make an attempt to compete. Its a professional league.
  4. There is no comparison to Crosby and Letang for sure. Hell, Crosby is the best player in the league IMHO. Agreed, its a very impressive run. I am just hoping that the Preds can find a way to make it happen. Another 8 seed making a cup finals run is pretty impressive.
  5. The Pens are missing Letang, and tonight they didn't have Hornqvist and they still won. All the injuries on this team and they are finding a way to win. That says a lot about the character of the Pens.
  6. The Pens are going to be the favorite against a scrappy Nashville team. I do agree that the Pens had the better scoring chances. The type of system that Ottawa plays is one that depends on bending but not breaking. They just broke in Game 7 against a superior team. I just hate the thought of the Pens winning another cup. All the years they tanked and picked up two generational players got them this far. Makes me wish the Wings would tank for 6 years to get a couple more generational players so they could do the same thing. The problem is that they are too proud to do that.
  7. The Pens have had more scoring chances, but the Sens are hanging tough. This is a instant classic for sure. Penguin fans littering the ice. What a bunch of morons.
  8. There are some rules which should never have been put in the books. That is one of them. Same goes for the rule about "resisting referees". Apparently, when a ref grabs you, you can't struggle to get away or swing at another player. How many times do we see players struggling to get free from the refs during a scrum? If the rules were followed to the letter, then they would be suspending players left and right for that. There are just some rules that are put in the NHL books that have good intentions but are just crappy rules. Personally, I am glad that they are not enforcing rules like that. This is hockey, and our players are tough, not pansies.
  9. Crosby is one of the best in the world. Its easy to hate him if he isn't playing on your team. The NHL parity has made teams so close that its hard to see a distinct advantage. To say the Pens haven't had to play anyone good is a gross understatement. There is a reason why Nashville made it to the finals and its not because they just got lucky through 3 rounds of hockey. There is also a reason why the Sens are a game from the finals and why they came back last night. The parity has made teams so close. As for game 7, the Pens have the advantage for sure, but you never know how things will go in a game 7.
  10. Agreed. I think we can also point to other coaches who have excelled when taking over a team, and then fast forward a few years later and they are fired. I think its safe to say that a coaches message gets lost and new blood is needed to keep things going. Very very few coaches in the NHL stay at the same place for a long time. Heck the longest tenured head coach in the NHL is Quenneville and he has been on the job 9 years. After that you have Tippett with the Coyotes since 2009, and then in 3rd place is Cooper who has only been on the job since 2013. Sullivan needs a larger sample size, but longevity in the NHL coaching realm revolves around getting the most out of your players. So far, Sullivan has achieved that.
  11. Remember when Bylsma did the same thing with the Pens and now is out of a job? Your final question is correct. Could Sullivan get more out of Washington? Don't know. What I do know is that great players make a great coach. Did the Pens talent make Bylsma a great coach back then? Probably. What about Sullivan and now? Probably.
  12. People said the same thing about Bylsma when he took over and led the Pens to the cup. Sullivan will probably be thrown to the wolves in about 5 years.
  13. I really don't understand the love for making Steve Yzerman the GM. I have always subscribed to the thought that if we are going to replace Ken Holland, we better do it with someone who is a clear upgrade. Is Yzerman a clear upgrade? Is Jim Nill a clear upgrade? I don't believe so. They have taken their teams, with younger talent and better draft picks than the Wings and had varying levels of success. They have both made good and bad decisions, just like Holland has. IMHO, its not like Yzerman and Nill are making all the right moves for their respective teams. Neither of those teams are in the playoffs right now, and the Stars were tops in their division last year. I have no issues replacing Holland, but replace him with someone who is better.
  14. Yup, two more that were drafted by the Hawks, although they weren't top 10 draft picks.
  15. It isn't insulting to say this either. Hank is past his prime, and most clubs surround their vets with great young talent. The problem is that the Wings don't have great young talent. Teams that have been drafting in the top 10 have got some good young talent. Look at the top tier teams in the league today. Pittsburgh was a down and out team for years, and then they draft Crosby and Malkin. Chicago gets Kane and Towes. These elite stars help carry the team. The Wings don't have anyone like this.