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  2. Favshortie51913

    Red Wings Flash Mob for Game 3

    Join the Red Wings community by participating in a Flash Mob... Joe Louis Arena's Gordie Howe Entrance, 6:45 pm Tuesday. There will be hats handed out. #letsgoredwings If you don't have tickets it is okay. They are planning on hitting local bars after the mob is done.
  3. Favshortie51913

    Metal Jackets hockey

    http://www.metaljacketshockey.com/ Do you want to support a minor league hockey team? The Detroit Metal Jacket's hockey used to be the Motor City Mechanics and they have moved to Wyandotte to play. Come see some great low cost hockey.
  4. Favshortie51913

    The Joe

    I am hoping they get a new arena. I doubt the city will pay for it but if Illitch wanted to fork over some money now. I am sure he could pull it off if he really wanted to it that badly. So far I think Bill Davidson is the ONLY owner I think who paid for his arena in full with out tax payer help.
  5. Favshortie51913


    Make your voice heard: NBC comment line 212-664-2333 NBC: 1-818-840-4444 ... Read More Jeff Zucker 212-664-4444 jeff.zucker@nbcuni.com President NBC Entertainment c/o NBC-TV 3000 West Alameda Ave. Burbank., CA 91523 Dick Ebersol 212-664-2014 dick.ebersol@nbcuni.com Ken Schanzer 212-664-2014 ken.schanzer@nbcuni.com Make your voices heard. They are tearing down the TV in front of Mellon and NO JOE VISION!!! Please contact before 5 p.m.!
  6. http://twtvite.com/cbjeqj You don't have to be a member of Twitter but only a Red Wings fan to participate in the Viewing party at Hockeytown Cafe on Tuesday, April 21 at 7pm. The second floor is reserved for Red Wings fans looking to enjoy this game together. This is a #NHLTweetup so if you have heard about these then this is our little meet up. Let's take it to the Blue Jackets at Hockeytown Cafe.
  7. Favshortie51913

    Datsyuk reveals a deeper, thoughtful, funny side...

    I wonder why Mitch didn't try and do that years ago. I am glad we finally got to understand a different side of Dats. The story made me cry too.
  8. Favshortie51913

    Lecavalier re-signs 11 years with TB

    I don't know if I would want to be on the same team for that long... I mean what if they are terrible and there is no chance at another Cup? Is there a NTC in there anywhere? Just makes it sound like a crazy investment.
  9. Favshortie51913

    Former Wings...

    Jiri Slegr I know he just was passing on through and no one knows what happened to him after 02!! He won the Cup though filling in for Fischer. I never understood why they didn't keep him or what the deal was.
  10. Favshortie51913

    Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    The Cup was at the Joe for six hours for part timers and I got to have my pic taken with it. I was so happy. I caught the end of the DVD preview and missed it when it was on Channel 7... I guess Osgood is supposed to be there with it too. Too bad you can't read my Cleary shirt!!!
  11. Favshortie51913


    As much as I would love to believe that they aren't acting... I also have worked the past two games. Basically, the players need to be mugged at least three times for the ref to even take a second look. I saw Datsyuk be held, Z get tripped, and even Lidstrom get cross checked. I am thinking that they are only embelishing because the OLD fashioned way just isn't working for them.
  12. Favshortie51913

    Videos from Game 2

    I think it is totally awesome that Dats through some punches and knocked down the OLD man Roberts. I loved the video you could see all that happened. Too bad that the VS people are Pens apologists.
  13. Favshortie51913

    So, how about the Pens?

    I think that is funny. I think the Pens have been good offensively. But have they met the likes of Lidstrom/Rafi/Kronwall/Stuart? I think they will be getting a rude awakening when Kronner hits them or even Drake. I think we will play a more physical game then they are used too. Plus, Drake and a few others REALLY want this bad and they have more experience so they should take it in 5 or 6!! There better not be a SiD the Kid homer butt's too big cry baby session!
  14. Favshortie51913

    Congrats to Joe Sakic

    Maybe because he had Hernia surgery and he may not be at 100%. He is one of the best face off men in the league. He needs to stay in the game until he is at least 40. I am a fan of his and I hope he doesn't retire. IT was a classy move though by Quenville to let him take the last shift if it was his last shift. I wish Babcock would have let Stevie do that.