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  1. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I was born and raised in Minnesota. After college, my wife and I moved to Ann Arbor for about 10 months while she completed an internship. That was the '97-'98 season. The North Stars had long left Minnesota, and I got caught up in the long run to the cup that year. I still think that Michigan is the absolute best place for sports. I have never seen an area get so absorbed with the local teams. It was impossible not to become a fan. In addition, the Wings had the class of the NHL in Yzerman and Shannahan. (I still laugh my a## off whenever I think of Shanny telling the canadian woman to shave her armpits from the penalty box being caught on TV.) Anyway, when we moved back to Minnesota, I brought the team back with me in spirit...