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  1. Glad he played great last night. It's win-win for us to have Howard play well. Goaltending has potential to be a huge strength for us at worst, and at best, if he keeps it up, he does increase the likelihood of being able to trade him. But... Alas, this is hardly the first time we've seen flashes of brilliance from Howard, and as everyone has said, it's still going to be quite tough to move him. I'm definitely not putting much stock in one game. Either way though, hopefully he keeps it up.
  2. Fantastic.
  3. gcom007

  4. Great update! Thanks for all of the hard work over the years!
  5. Will this be streaming on NHL.tv?
  6. Great deal for 2 years. Goalies like Mrazek that can elevate for the playoffs don't grow on trees. As good as we all know he is, I think he's still underrated. Again, being able to elevate your game in the playoffs is huge, and he's done it twice now, second time doing so completely cold. He's going to be great for a long time.
  7. Signed

    Splendid...........exactly what we really need to be doing right now.
  8. Given that he more or less lost any trade partners a week before he went positive about keeping Howard, I'd say he's resigned to the situation. He openly said trading him would be best, and it absolutely would be for the Wings and for Howard, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards right now. Hopefully someone will need a goalie at some point next season and we can move him before likely losing him for nothing in the expansion draft.
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    I think I posted that exact phrase earlier in this thread. My thoughts and feelings remain the same.
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    Definitely a reasonable deal, especially given how things have shaken out this year. If it doesn't work, NBD. Nothing to lose heading into next season at this point. Hopefully it works out.
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    Actually, the more I think about this, the more I hate it. I tried to be positive at first, but this isn't mediocre. This is pure s***, and it'll be hanging around our neck for a long time...
  12. Just go for it. The way this day is going, there won't be anything worth talking about for a few weeks anyways.
  13. Cap hit isn't horrible. Term is brutal.
  14. signed

    Not a horrible deal really, but a mediocre one at best. At best. Certainly not a good message. We couldn't do better so back to mediocrity.
  15. This is why I've been prepared to be disappointed. Again, I don't want to be negative, but I'm trying to be realistic. We are simply not the destination we once were. I don't blame Holland for not getting deals done now; you can't just flip a switch and fix it. I absolutely do blame Holland for all the terrible decisions over the last 5-6 years that lead us to this point however.