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  1. He was garbage last season, as was the rest of the team. Howard was better, sure, no doubt. But again, future? Howard has little left. Mrazek may indeed end up a bust, but we've clearly seen he's capable of outstanding play. He's still young and he's been in a rough environment of transition, with a rookie coach and a garbage team in front of him. I'm not shocked he's struggled in that environment more than Howard. Howard is capable of being a great goalie too, but he's been inconsistent throughout his entire career, and he's on the tail end of it. Mrazek is still young. Neither is a great option right now, but we got one guy who's just getting started who could go either way and another who we know could be great today, garbage tomorrow, and injured the next week. You've got to bet on the younger goalie.
  2. I don't think Mrazek will be taken, but I wouldn't be shocked if he was for numerous reasons already explained by others. Either way though, I think it's absolutely foolish to chance it; another moronic move from Holland.
  3. Yeah, he’s only had sustained stretches where he was arguably one of the best goalies in the league and two overall solid playoff outings, one coming off a rough season when he was cold. I am not saying Mrazek is perfect, but I don’t see how anyone could reasonably argue that he doesn’t have more upside and value than Howard at this point. I’m not even saying Howard is terrible, but he’s certainly never been consistently great, he’s on the tail end of an average career and he’s making too much money. I don’t think either guy would necessarily be taken, but you’re playing with infinitely more fire leaving a guy like Mrazek hanging out for the taking. Between Howard and Mrazek, who has the better shot of being a long term solution in goal: the consistently injury-prone Howard who will be 34 this season or the guy who will be 25 who’s shown he’s got elite-level upside Andy potential? He very well may not get there and he could disappear, but given our lack of guys with elite-level potential, we simply are not in a position to be giving that kind of talent up for free. It’s absurd. This guy was in the Vezina conversation a couple years ago and hasn’t dropped off as much as some suggest and has had two respectable playoff outings for a young goalie now. He came off the bench and gave a very mediocre team a chance to win some games in the 2016 playoffs when Howard couldn’t deliver. And let’s be perfectly honest: if Howard was doing his job as well as he’s being paid to, Mrazek would still be in a position to simply be developing instead of being thrown into the fire as a young goalie on a lousy team. Mrazek wasn’t even supposed to be on this team so early, but our long-time “starter” hasn’t been able to hold onto the position for any period of time recently either. So yeah, let’s protect Howard. Brilliant.
  4. Typical forum BS of focusing on one of the few bad stickhandling moments and holding it against him forever. Lots of great goalies have had horrible moments in huge games. Get over it. The big picture here is pretty damn simple: you have one goalie who has a long career ahead of him and a lot of upside and another who's never done much in his career winding down, and you protect the guy on the way out either way with the albatross contract??? Idiotic.
  5. If Mrazek gets taken, Holland should be fired. He hasn't been even close to perfect, but he's one of the lone promising players with upside on this roster. We are not in a position to be taking chances on people with as much upside as Mrazek. He's one of a handful of guys on this roster capable of being elite at his best. You don't protect Mrazek over an old, injury prone, inconsistent Howard who's never won anything in a much longer career. Likelihood of either being taken or not, this is a joke.
  6. Nashville fans are getting to Malkin... https://www.instagram.com/p/BU6DdE8BKCK/
  7. We might've snuck in again, but it's a toss up. We wouldn't have gotten far if we had.
  8. Can't say it enough, hated losing Eaves. Heart and soul player with skill. If not for the goofy injuries, I think heblikey would've developed more of a role here.
  9. I never liked losing Eaves. He had bad luck here with injuries and we used him poorly.
  10. Pretty standard hasn't gotten us anywhere. We have way too many middle of the road prospects that don't make the kind of impact we need. Any way you shake it, this is likely to be a weak draft for the Wings.
  11. Too bad Smith's mental game was so far behind his physical ability. He could've been a much better player, but yeah, those countless bonehead plays. Oh well... Decent return for sure.
  12. But this guy's won at every level. We have no reason to believe he won't be successful in the NHL. The kids will listen to him. Kill me.
  13. Trade him. I really don't care at all at this point. Very few guys on this team, including Tatar, have much heart anyways. The level of apathy on display this season is pathetic. I'm truly ready for a full rebuild. This team lacks character; it's a sorry class of clowns for the most part. You don't have to have the most talented bunch, but you need guys with heart; you need winners. These guys are not winners.
  14. Fire E immediately out of sheer pettiness.
  15. Nah, but we'll put Glendenning on the power play so he can take a penalty right off the face off. Real gud.