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  1. I don't see it on there... edit: Nevermind, it isn't on the main roster, just on the sidebar one.
  2. Physicals today... on ice starts tomorrow morning. *edit - the schedule can be found here, about halfway down the page.
  3. Considering he used to play for the Storm, I saw plenty of him...
  4. LOL You're kidding, right? Unless he has really, really changed... he's a decent fighter. Sure, he'll go with anyone... but I wouldn't say he wins most of them... and I definitely wouldn't say he is the toughest in the ECHL or is in the top 5.
  5. Yes, he was sitting out because of his surgery... he is easing back into skating. He skated daily at camp, but not with the teams...
  6. Here we go again. I was giving my opinion on what he did AT PROSPECT CAMP. I didn't say "....He sucks...I don't want him on the team..." And I don't really care what the Red Wings do with him. I wasn't there scouting out talent for the Wings, I was scouting out talent for the Storm.
  7. I'm just going by the site where I get all the prospect's contracts info from...
  8. Right, this coming season will be his last. As for Meech and Lebda, I mentioned that on the Griffs board that they all played horrible (Himelfarb too) up at camp. I was expecting them to be an example for the ones still in juniors. They couldn't keep the puck in the zone half the time.
  9. I didn't mean that you would be the one to jump on me It has just been my experience that those that don't agree with me get all huffy. lol Just backing myself up for expressing my opinion... I agree 100% with everything you said... he has an impressive fightcard, he just didn't seem to show his true abilities at camp, that's all.
  10. Out of the four games, I saw one fight with him that was decent, with actual punches being thrown. The rest were basically hugging matches, and one was broken up before it started. No, he didn't back down from anyone... but that doesn't mean he's a good fighter. And before I get jumped on, I'm not saying that he isn't a good fighter, I just didn't see anything impressive at camp.
  11. I wasn't too impressed with him at the prospect camp. Maybe he didn't put forth a good, full effort in the fighting department because it was camp... but his fighting ability left a lot to be desired.
  12. Actually, he only has one year remaining on his contract. It is up in '06.