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    Griffins hockey (well hockey in general), hanging out, really doing just about anything fun. Go ahead and IM me, I am always up for talking to new people.

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  1. wingchickinGR

  2. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    here's my post. GO WINGS!
  3. The Great Skate

    Thanks. I saw that yesterday when they posted it online. I'm kind of disappointed that the coaches (not that I have anything against Ireland or Paek) are skating 2-6 because I tend to go to the Great Skate during those obscenely early hours. Looks like I'm going a bit earlier than that and then later on Sunday.
  4. Ugliest Jerseys Ever

    Definitely ugly...It makes you wonder what the players honestly think about having to wear the different jerseys. I know they're for a good cause, but do they really have to look that bad? I got a good laugh out of them on New Years though.
  5. The Great Skate

    Thanks for all of your help. I've been checking daily and haven't seen any updates. I'll definitely be checking tomorrow for the schedule.
  6. The Great Skate

    Does anybody know what times the players will be skating this weekend? I have every intention of making this my third straight year of going, but I would really like to know who is skating and when... I know Griff starts the whole thing at 10 and Matt Ellis follows at 11 (according to Bob Kaser anyways). Everything after that is a mystery. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I see a few of you Griffin faithfuls out skating Saturday/Sunday. Thanks, Becky
  7. The Great Skate?

    I just asked this question on and I'll ask it again here. Does anybody know if the Griffins are doing the Great Skate charity event again this year? It was so much fun last year and I want to go again. I can't seem to find any sort of info about the event on the Griffins website. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.