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  1. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    No. You clearly don't understand the analogy. A proponent of *** marriage is not blinded by an ulterior belief system, i.e. Christianity. Thats the point. Arguing with someone who already has their mind made up about soft, skilled Euros without from the beginning is akin to arguing about same-sex marriage with a Christian conservative because they've never been open to the alternative. Understand, now? And a pro-Hudler "slappy"? Like me? The one has has made trade proposals including Jiri Hudler? The one who said Jiri Hudler won't be a Wing if he wants more than 2.5M? Yeah, I'm so blinded. If anything I'm one of the few on this board who has been able to strike a balance in the Hudler debate. More like, I dont see the point of dropping a 57 point guy who might be willing to take 2.5M or slightly less to stay here when 2.5M doesn't even get you Sami Pahlsson and his 20 points. And I like Sami Pahlsson, too. If the Wings somehow managed to flip Jiri Hudler for Curtis Clencross or Rene Bourque, I'd be ecstatic. But until that happens, I'll stick with Hudler + Leino + Grinder, thanks.
  2. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    No. This isn't about being against one thing or another. This about being blinded by your philosophy that you can't ignore it enough to open up your eyes to the other aspects of the debate.
  3. Kings had exclusive negotiating rights to Hossa

    I noticed that, too. I think its pretty clear at this point that Hossa wants no part of being the go-to guy. First Malkin and Crosby. Then Hank and Datsyuk. Now Kane and Toews. Looks like Hossa's biggest fear is being the guy that the spotlight shines on. Pretty much explains why the guy folded in the Finals when all eyes were on him.
  4. Kings had exclusive negotiating rights to Hossa

    Thats huge. If thats the kind of pussyfooting he did with Shero, then I can see why he left the Pens on such bad terms. Sounds like DL couldn't get a straight answer out of Hossa no matter what he did. Be a friggin man, Hossa. If you dont want to have anything to do with a team, tell them you aren't available. No need for them to waste their time.
  5. would you like to see this roster?

    Nope. Antropov and Bertuzzi? Those are the kind of players we shed before winning the cup. Absolutely no need for that crap. Wouldn't mind McCormick at that price though, or Gauthier, but not at 2M.
  6. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    You answered your own question. Everyone hates Hudler because hes a midget. Thats it. Thats the end of it. If he was pure skill at 6'0, nobody would have a problem with him. Wings fans have a serious complex about small players.
  7. Bertuzzi

    To fill the hole of "takes stupid penalties, floats, drops the mitts twice a year, and will cost you a couple million"? No one.
  8. Are you content with Z and Franzen?

    AT LEAST 5. Hes made a name for himself as 1) a clutch playoff performer; 2) a goal scorer 3) A huge body with soft hands. He would've been the only guy of his type on the market. Remember what Ryan Smyth got?
  9. Bertuzzi

    Bertuzzi had one more fighting major than Hossa. Good pick, bud. Maybe we can ice a line featuring Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi, to your liking.
  10. Jason Williams

    Franzen didn't start scoring til he was 30 because he started scoring when he was 28. And the reason he started scoring then was because he got temporarily promoted due to injuries and proved he could stay there. Williams, on the other hand, got his chance on the 2nd line, and after a season, proved he couldn't stay there.
  11. Jason Williams

    Just out of curiosity, what makes you think hes signing for under $2M?
  12. Havlat to Minnesota

    Havlat at 5M > Gaborik at 7.5 Both speedy, offensive monsters, similar age, and injury prone. One just costs a lot less. I like Havlat. I thought he was great in the playoffs.
  13. Jason Williams

    Thank you for making me throw up a little in my mouth. Nice feeling.
  14. Bertuzzi

    Slow, takes stupid penalties, doesn't play defense, and is only physical on occasion. Sign me up for Bobby Lang lite!
  15. Ok, Jiri Hudler

    Signing Hudler doesn't mean we can't have an enforcer. On the contrary - you should want the Wings to sign Hudler. Because if we sign him, that's all we'll have space for. Otherwise, you're basically asking Holland to sign semi-skilled, excel-at-nothing-in-particular type of players to fill out the bottom lines.